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Still typing "following" or a period on Facebook posts to get notified about future comments? Secretly get notifications and other ways to keep track of posts on Facebook.

With Facebook groups gaining in popularity, there are often posts you want to see the responses to, but you don’t necessarily have anything to add to the conversation at that time. Most people who are in this situation will comment on the post with a simple period, or just the word “following”. They do this so they will get notifications about responses to the post, but what if I told you there was an easier way to get notifications on individual posts?

There IS! So many people don’t know about it, and then the comments get cluttered up with periods and “following”. Never have to look like a “noob” again with these super easy tips!

First, as you are reading Facebook, when you come across a post you want to see comments on, you can click the down arrow at the top right corner of the individual post.

A dropdown will appear, and you can select “turn on notifications for this post”.

Once you have turned it on, any comments that appear on the post will be pushed as a notification to you. This way you can follow the comments without actually having to comment yourself.

Another option here is to turn OFF notifications on a post. I almost ALWAYS do this when I tell someone congrats on an engagement, new baby, new job, or anything else I know will get a lot of reactions, but I don’t necessarily care about the 100 other people congratulating you.

The last option I will go over in this dropdown is the ability to save the post. I use this a lot when I don’t necessarily care about the comments, but I want to read the particular article that has been shared later, or I want to save the article for some other reason (like it’s a recipe that I intend to make or a really good reference I’d like to refer to often).

Facebook has really made it easy for you to locate things you want to revisit. If you forget to do this, there is always the search function. When you are inside a group you can search specifically within that group, or you can search the entirety of Facebook to find what you are looking for.

Don’t be that guy that asks the same question in the group that has already been asked a million times. Do a quick search first and then ask your question if it’s something no one has talked about before!

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