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How Technology Keeps You Safe

Technology can get a bad rap sometimes. Yes, there are many dangers lurking in our technology, but there is also so much good. Technology keeps you safe through a number of different ways! I feel like there are just so many posts that focus on the negative aspects of technology, and not nearly enough posts focused on how it can actually be a good thing. More and more criminals are being caught because of easy access to home security cameras. Kids are able to contact parents in an emergency, no matter where they are. My favorite being that parents have more control over their children’s devices than ever before.

Nucleus and Consumer Safety have broken down how technology is helping to keep you safe in a new infographic. They break it down into 3 areas.

Kids & Family

Technology is keeping kids not only safe from outside dangers, but also keeping them safe from themselves. With apps that prevent them from using their phone while driving, to notifying you when they leave a geographical location. You can always keep up with what your kids have going on. Also, I can’t even tell you how many times the police have been able to catch someone who is stealing packages from doorsteps because of video footage. I don’t even know why criminals do that anymore. EVERYONE has a wifi camera pointed right at their porch!


You can also peek in on your pet, or track them via GPS. It is such a comfort to know that your pet will never be truly lost with the technology we have today! Or, you know, just tell them to get off the couch.


Recently my Grandmother was missing. It was a very scary few days. She has some dementia, and she took off in her car. Being able to track her location, or knowing that she wasn’t at her house earlier (she was missing for over a day when we finally discovered it), would have been vital to us. We were fortunate enough to get her back, when she was pulled over by police who saw the missing persons report. You better believe we equipped her with some technology after this incident!

Definitely check out the infographic, and let me know what else you would include! How does technology make you feel safer?


technology keeps you safe

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