How Tech Can Help With Grammar

I know many people will say that technology is ruining grammar, and that can absolutely be true. Really I blame T9 texting. When it took 4 key presses to get to a capital T, proper punctuation and grammar kinda flew out the window. It’s also possible that tech can help with grammar.

These days we are blessed with full keyboards on our smartphones, so there is no longer the excuse to have poor grammar and zero punctuation. However, to help you out, if you weren’t paying attention in English class, there are a few tech tools out there that can help you improve your grammar.


The best tool out there is Grammarly. You can install an app on your computer or use the Grammarly extension for Chrome. It will automatically start checking anything you type for Grammar mistakes. Typing an update in Facebook, Grammarly will check. Are you writing an email in your Gmail account? It will check it. Writing a blog post? Grammarly has saved me MANY times.

The Chrome extension even works inside Google Docs now too. Really when it’s automatically checking everything you write, there really is no excuse for poor Grammar. If you don’t have the extension or application, you can always paste what you are trying to write in their online checker.

tech can help with grammar

Grammarly can even help on your smartphone as well! The app you install on your phone is actually a keyboard replacement. You use Grammarly’s keyboard as your typing application and it will help you correct your grammar as you type, no matter where you are typing.

tech can help with grammar

Hemingway Editor

If you are wanting to take your writing to another level, the Hemingway Editor can give you a lot of insight into your writing and Grammar. This one won’t just check for the most basic grammar, it will check for difficulty reading or the use of a passive voice. If you are trying to reach a specific audience or just want to make sure your writing is easy to understand, this is a great option for you.

tech can help with grammar

Use an app to brush up on your grammar skills

There are quite a few apps that can help test your knowledge of English grammar rules. My favorite is called Learn English Grammar. The app has quizzes, exercises, and lessons to help you keep your grammar skills sharp. You might even learn some new rules that you didn’t know before! It will also help you correct some of the mistakes you have been making your entire life.

tech can help with grammar

Stay updated

While most grammar rules don’t change, things do happen with the English language that can change meanings. Staying updated with the latest grammar tips can be incredibly helpful when you are writing. I love listening to the Grammar Girl podcast. Not only is she entertaining, but she has really quick episodes that promise to help improve your writing.

If you aren’t a fan of her style though, there are plenty of grammar blogs and podcasts that you might find you enjoy. Do a Google search for either. If you prefer podcasts, look for Grammar podcasts, and if you like to read instead, search for Grammar blogs. I’m sure you will be able to find one that fits your style.

Make it a conscious decision to use proper grammar and spelling

While I know sometimes it can be faster to type u instead of you, don’t do it! As you make an effort to use proper grammar in your everyday texts and communications, it will continue to get easier when you need to have good grammar. Don’t take the easy way out. Then when you do have a professional letter or email to write, good grammar will just come naturally.

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