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How I Set Up to #DoMore #DellDozen

I spend a great deal of time in my home office.  I work from it full time from 8-5, Monday – Friday.  Then after I get off work, I spend time with my family, until I am right back up in my office after bed time, working on my blogs and setting up my social media for the next day.  I also check out my schedule and get organized for the following day.  So my office not only needs to be super functional, but it also needs to have some personality.  If I’m going to be spending most of my days there, it need some stuff to make it feel like “home”.

The first thing I set up is spots for everything to go.  This not only means physical things, but digital things as well.  The icons in my taskbar need to be arranged just so, my computers and monitors need to be in locations that feel most comfortable to me, etc.  I have my desk set up in 2 “sections”.  The left section is where I do my day job.  The right section is for my “other” jobs (including www.BloggersHelpDesk.com, this blog, and my other blog www.OrganizedMom.net).  Basically I’m surrounded by screens.  There are two monitors connected to my work computer, a monitor connected to my main laptop, plus the laptop screen, and then the other more portable XPS13 Ultrabook running Windows 8.  I’ve been doing a lot of playing around on the XPS13 to get a better feel for Windows 8, and the latest version of Office.  When I’m going to go downstairs I will sometimes take the XPS13 to write posts away from my office (such as downstairs, so I can hang out with my husband instead of up in my office all night).  So, what needs a home?

  • Computer
  • Monitor
  • Supplies
  • Inbox
  • Processing location (when paper goes from inbox to bills to be paid, phone numbers to enter, permission slips to sign..)
  • Decorations
  • Printer
  • Keyboard and Mouse
  • etc

So check out my Pinterest board on Home Office Essentials to see exactly what I use to #DoMore in my home office, then check out the video to see how it all lays out in my office and how my kids get more work done in their homework stations.

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