Honda Odyssey Automatic Doors FTW

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There is a feature in the Honda Odyssey that I probably use more than any other feature (besides the Bluetooth link, cause that just happens every time I get in the car no matter what). It’s the automatic sliding doors, and I am smitten with them.

When I first pulled up at the elementary school to drop off my daughter and her friend for school, and with the push of a button their door magically opened and they disembarked…BEST DAY EVER.

Now lets talk about errands. It was a cold rainy Saturday afternoon. I work full time, so most of my errands get done on Saturdays. Since I can’t really pick and choose my errands day, I had to go out in the cold wet weather. On the way to the car I pushed the button on my key fob to open both of the side doors and the trunk. The car opened, I unloaded my groceries and loaded my kids up in the car in what had to be world record setting time. I hopped into the car myself, and we were off. I prayed to the automotive gods for this technological wonder.

My daughter is always talking about the many different ways we can open those side doors. With the key fob, with a button by the steering wheel, there is a button inside the car to open and close it, and you can use the handle located on the outside of the car. She always makes it a game as to which method she used to open the door.  She’s super silly that way.

I had to drive my husband’s car for a minute the other day, and when the doors didn’t magically open on their own… I admit I got a little mad, I MAY have mumbled to myself “ugh, I hate Daddy’s car”.  Since the snow has really started to come down, getting in and out of the car in a jiffy has never been so important.  It’s all my strength just to get from the car to the store in a storm, and minimizing that “outside” time is really just priceless.

Do you have automatic doors in your car?  Do you even know how you lived before them?  Kinda like… how did we live before DVR?  I just don’t know.

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