Holiday Gift Guide 2019

It's HERE! My Holiday Gift Guide for 2019! Check out all the products I would recommend for everyone in your life.

Can you believe it’s that time of year again?? November is here, and the Holiday season is just getting started. I am often asked what people should purchase for their kids/grandparents/teachers and more. I try to get my gift guide out by Thanksgiving so you can take full advantage of the Black Friday deals.

This year I’ve changed it up a bit so it’s a little easier to find exactly what you want to buy. Some items may appear in multiple categories if they fit in more than one, and each will be tagged with Over $100, Over $50 or Under $50. You can view the full list of products here!

Within this post is only 3 of my picks. You’ll have to click through for the full list in each section.

You can click on the individual product to find out exactly why it made the list. Clicking Buy Now will take you to Amazon to purchase it, or the individual website if it’s not for sale on Amazon.


There are a lot of great options now to help teach toddlers the basics of coding. Here are some of my favorites! Check out the whole list here.


As kids get a little older they can branch out into more advanced technology. These are some of my favorites to help introduce kids to the wonderful world of coding and engineering! Check out the whole list here!


As teens start Jr. High and High School, their tech needs change a little bit. They are finally ready to get a smartphone and can be trusted to handle a little bit more expensive technology. Check out the whole list here.


Once your kids are in college, their needs will definitely change. Gifts in this category will help your kids transition into being adults. Getting them their own streaming subscription, or things to help them in class or for their home are perfect. Check out the whole list here.


These gifts are perfect for Dads, Moms, or older children. Check out the whole list here.


Most Grandparents love gifts that make their lives easier and helps them stay in touch with their family. These are some of my favorites. Check out the whole list here.


The teachers and coaches in our kids’ lives can be incredibly important and they have an influence over our children. Help show how much you appreciate what they do for your kids. Check out the whole list here.


Gifts for the whole family can be extremely tricky! Don’t worry, we have your back here too! Check out the whole list here.

I hope you have a great time picking out all of the things you want to purchase for your family, friends and loved ones! I love using a really simple app called Gift List to keep track of everything I want to buy. It helps me make sure I don’t forget anything, and lets me know if I’ve gotten all my wrapping done too!

Have a very merry holiday season… don’t mind me, I’m just going to go back to watching my Hallmark movies now….

Holiday Gift Guide 2019

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