Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Teachers & Coaches

We are continuing our holiday gift guide this week with frequently overlooked people in your life. Overlooked, until it’s the day before you need the gift, and you are at a loss! Today we’ll talk about teachers and coaches.


One of the most commonly requested gifts for this group is gift cards. Not only are they easy to transport from the school, or the pool, they allow the recipient to get whatever they want! My 2 gift card recommendations are Amazon gift cards, and Netflix gift cards.

With Amazon they will really be able to get just about anything they want. Also, you can usually find Amazon cards at your local grocery store (for that “oh no my kids’ last practice until January is TODAY!” experience).

Giving a Netflix gift card can be a little more fun. If they don’t already have a Netflix account, binge watching a show is a fun way for them to spend their holiday break! If they already have a Netflix account, they can apply the gift card to their account, and then use the money that would have come out of their bank account for anything else they want!


Another gift that teachers and coaches will appreciate is a USB stick, or an SD card. Getting them a micro SD card is even better, because it usually has the enclosure to make it either a regular card or a micro card, depending on their needs. With the USB stick, you can find a really cute and fun one for them to use. We all know that teachers do a lot of work at home, and this could help them get files to the copy machine to make print outs.


Portable chargers are a great gift for teachers and coaches too. They are often busy coaching or teaching your child, too busy to worry about the battery life on their phone. They could be at the end of a very long day, and realize their phone is completely dead. They will be super glad for the extra juice right when they need it.


If you want to go in on a really great present with a few other parents, I would recommend a portable projector like this Pico Projector or a small portable photo printer like the HP Sprocket.


The projector will help them broadcast educational videos they discover to their class, or just let them enjoy a movie on their ceiling at home! Some teachers love to decorate their classrooms with tons of pictures of their students. You can make it so much easier for them to do this with the Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera.


Often these people in your life aren’t expecting much. I love showing them how much I appreciate all of the effort they put in making my kids have a great time learning (whether it’s school, or learning how to play a sport, or instrument).

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