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Early in my IT career I worked for a homebuilder.  A lot of the time when we would be setting up a brand new neighborhood, the infrastructure wasn’t in place yet.  We’d have a trailer out in the middle of nowhere with constructions crews and they would need a way to get online.  Many times there would not be Cable or DSL available in these new locations.  We toyed around with the idea of satellite internet, but the technology just wasn’t where we needed it to be in order to make that happen.  Granted this was 10 years ago!

Then we moved to Utah.  I was in a home, and it was a fairly developed neighborhood, and yet I was shocked to learn that Cable wasn’t available in my area.  DSL wasn’t available in my area.  What’s a techy girl to do without her highspeed internet?!?  We signed up with a satellite internet company local to our area.  The speeds turned out to be pretty good.  We now live in an age where you can have high speed internet wherever you are.  Here are some options for you…

Satellite – So this is the option we are currently using at home.  You can stay up to speed with satellite internet that’s faster than ever.  This is definitely not the kind of internet that wasn’t going to cut the mustard 10 years ago.  I am able to remote control servers, workstations, stream Netflix, and play Xbox live, all at the same time.  It is comforting to be able to have high speed internet wired to my home, even if I do live in the sticks.

Mobile Broadband – This is a great option for the “traveler”.  If your job takes you all over town, or even all over the country, this is a great idea.  What you do is purchase a broadband card from your cell phone provider (Sprint, Verizon, etc) and you purchase a data plan to go with it.  This will allow your laptop to use the cell phone network for your high speed internet.  Speeds are definitely coming up, but you will be limited if you are in a low signal zone.

Mobile Hotspot – This option will turn your phone into it’s own little wifi router.  Meaning you can connect your laptop to your phone just like you would connect it to someone’s home wireless network.  Several phones offer this option, you just have to check with your cell phone provider if yours has the capability.  Plus, again, you are limited if you can’t pick up a cell phone signal.

Steal Wifi – OK, you don’t necessarily have to STEAL it, but you at least have to be someplace that offers it.  Many coffee shops, bakeries or even some fast food restaurants, are all offering free wifi.  You just have to go, order something, and hop online.

So, no matter where you are, or where you go, you can be online lickity

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  • Thank you for sharing your technical information about hi speed internet information. There are many ways to connect to the internet as you have pointed out. From a technical standpoint fiber optics lines deliver the internet the fastest.