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Hiding Facebook Friends

I’m actually talking about two completely different things with the title of this post today.  First, one of my friends asked me if she could hide from her friends’ walls who she is becoming friends with.  You know how it says “Sarah Kimmel just became friends with Hubby Kimmel”.  I said I wasn’t sure and that I would look into it.  The best option I have found is to just completely hide who you are friends with all together. 

  • To do this you go into your privacy settings (accessible from “account” at the top right of your screen). 
  • Next open up “Friends, Tags and Connections. 
  • Click on who is able to access it and click “Customize”. 
  • Now select “only me” from the make this visible area.

Now your friends will be hidden from even the people you are friends with.  🙂

The next meaning of the title is to hide the lame things your friends do.  🙂  Yes, we’ve all seen Farmville, Mafia Wars, etc etc.  As soon as one of my friends starts playing these games I hide the game immediately.  You can do this by clicking on the little “hide” that pops up in the top right of the update.  You then have the choice to hide the appliation (ie Mafia Wars) or hide the person altogether.  Now if you are going to hide the person altogether, then why are you even still friends with them?  Unfriend them and move on with your life.  🙂

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