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I shared a few weeks ago on our Facebook page that I was thrilled to try out a brand new app by Happi Papi called Happi 123. Our six year old daughter has been struggling with math, and I was desperate to try anything to peak her interest. Happi 123 is an iPad app that sells for $1.99 and is catered to kids ages 4-7 (Although my three year old was easily able to play as well with my assistance.)

This app is fabulous for young kids, and stresses teaching mathmatics the natural way- by counting with our fingers! In fact, I don’t know if any other math apps that use the same method that we used when we were kids and first learning to add.

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Happi 123 focuses on teaching kids counting, addition, subtraction, number series, and pattern recognition. There is even a level that is timed, which is a wonderful way of preparing kids to early childhood education where they typically do have to do mathematics equations in a specific amount of time.

My daughters favorite part of the app is the matching  section where she was not only challenged, but rewarded, for getting the answers correctly by completing a fun puzzle.

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After playing Happi 123 for several hours, I was really excited to try out other applications by Happi Papi!

Happi Spells is another educational app for kids 4 and up. Happi Spells is intended for the iPad, iPhone, and iPad Touch. It also retails for $1.99 through the App Store, and  is a fabulous app that was recently featured by Apple.

As an adult I have always loved crossword puzzles and recognized the important cognitive roll they can play. Why not crossword puzzles for kids? Happi Spells is the crossword spelling game where kids can practice spelling in a fun and exciting way by dragging letter tiles on to 60 different mini crossword puzzles.

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Throughout the game you compete for “snails” and try to improve your own high score. If you don’t like your score on one puzzle you can just go back and try to beat it. The fewer mistakes, the more “snails” you earn. I love how every solved puzzle will help your child open up a new one.

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My  favorite thing about this app is actually all of the bright and vivid illustrations. I have learned that kids love a well designed app, and tend to enjoy it much longer when it is aesthetically pleasing. My six year old loved the crossword puzzles, but actually said the music was her favorite! A very soft, soothing, and relaxing music plays in the background – and it can easily be muted within the application.

The last app I wanted to share with you, is called Happi Reads. Intended for the iPad, Happi Reads is priced at just $1.99 through the App Store.

Happi Reads is a wonderful app for beginning readers ages 4 and up that helps develop early reading skills in an engaging and rewarding way. The app focuses on beginning sounds and sight words, focusing more on play so kids don’t feel that reading is a hard work.

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How the app works is a word is shown on the screen along with three images.  He or she will try to sound out or read the word in order to match it to the correct picture. For every correct answer your child will earn a piece of fruit to eat (tap it on the screen).

I love how the words increase in difficulty with each level, and are not just displayed in a random order. Currently, there are 100 words in 4 different challenging levels throughout the game.

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Again, Happi Papi has developed another game with wonderful illustrations and soothing music. I always appreciate an app that goes the extra mile to make an application not only lovable, but also appropriate for children.

To learn more about Happi Papi applications for kids, you can visit their website here. On a side note, Happi Papi has recently launched an App Evaluation Program for Schools. Teachers can sign up here to receive all of Happi Papi’s new apps for free. What a fabulous way to support our educators!

Disclaimer: I was not financially compensated for this review, however I was provided with the applications for review purposes. All expressed opinions above are my own.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I receive compensation if you make a purchase using the links.



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