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Google+ Sparks & +1’s

7-20-2011 7-58-26 AMJust as “like” has entered our every day vocabulary (don’t even get me started on other tech words that have come to mean person to person interaction that drive me crazy), I think “PLUS” will also enter our daily vocabulary in the near future.  I doubt the long form “Plus One” will catch on as quickly, but I can definitely see “plus us on Google” or when someone does something good in real life, someone else saying “oh plus!”

So, what is this new little +1 button?  It’s basically the new “like”.  When you see a comment, a status update, a link or post that you like you click the +1 button.  On your Google+ profile you will have a stream of just your +1’s.  This is actually great for you as well.  Instead of a Facebook ‘like” that gets lost with all of the other content you share, you can easily look at something you have +1’d, so if you want to refer to a website or blog post later, you can simply click the +1 button and it will be right there in your profile to check out again later.

7-20-2011 8-02-09 AMAnother thing about the +1 button, is that if you +1 a website (such as the marvelous www.familytechzone.com) If one of your Google+ friends goes searching for tech information and they see my website come up in their search results, they will also see a picture of you saying that you +1’d the website.  I’ll be more likely to click on something that I know my friend already likes, instead of another website that may or may not be good.  Google has created a GREAT referral service to get the content that is right for you in front of your face.  I do have to mention that Facebook also has something similar with Bing.  If you do a search in Bing you will see when your Facebook friends has liked a website in the search results.

7-20-2011 7-58-47 AMSo while +1 is a method for you the share out content that you have already seen and liked, Sparks will help show you content that you may be interested in.  You can create your own Sparks that will act as an RSS feed, or you can do a spark based on a topic or general interest of yours.

Go go forth and +1, but don’t forget to +1 my page!  Smile

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  • THIS IS GREAT information! I’m trying to get them updated at work (a bunch of fishermen) and I look like a rockstar … I have you to thank! thank you

  • Hey Sarah! I was hopping on over here to see if you had a post on Facebook comments and to see if you used facebook comments on your posts. I recently tried to get the plugin installed on my site, but it’s not working properly…hmmmm…I’ll do a search to see if you’ve covered this topic, but in the meantime, I’ll get a +1 up on my site. Thanks!

  • Nisha, I don’t have a post about that… yet! I’ll be sure to write one. I don’t use anything to post facebook comments back to the blog, but I do use one that will post comments on the blog back to facebook on my Organized mom site. I turned it off on this site though.