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Google Reader Shortcuts

Most people who use Google Reader find it helps them follow favorite blogs much faster than visiting each individual site. But did you know there’s an even faster way to  view your  favorites with Google Reader shortcuts? Next time your browsing blogs, try a few of these tricks to make good use of time and easily share your favorite posts.

j/k: next/previous item
space: next item or page
<Shift> + space: previous item or page
n/p: item scan down/up (list only)
<Shift> + n/p: next/previous subscription
<Shift> + x: expand folder
<Shift> + o: open subscription or folder
r: refresh
f: toggle full screen mode
u: hides/unhides the left hand side module
1: switch to expanded view
2: switch to list view
/: move cursor to search box
a: add a subscription
=: increase magnification
-: decrease magnification
g then h: go home
g then a: go to all items
g then s: go to starred items
g then u: open subscription selector
g then t: open tag selector
g then <Shift> + t: go to trends page
g then d: go to discovery page
g then e: go to explore
g then p: go to popular items
Acting on items
s: star item
t: tag item
e: email item
<Shift> + s: share item
v: view original
o/enter: expand/collapse item (list only)
m: mark item as read/unread
<Shift> + a: mark all as read
<Shift> + t: open “send to” menu

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