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Google Play Music Comes to iOS


Last week Google announced that Google Play Music would now be available on iOS.   Not that I use iOS devices, but I think this is SO awesome.  I really hate being pigeonholed into one platform.  While I don’t currently use anything with iOS, who knows if that will change in the future.  I want the music I own, the movies I own, the TV that I own to travel with me on any device my little heart wants to use!

I moved my entire collection to Google Play Music several years ago, and could not be happier with the change.  Even though I didn’t have an iOS device I used to have it all stored in iTunes, which was difficult to use with other devices that were not Apple products.  I still think iTunes isn’t the greatest even if you HAVE iOS devices, but that’s why I don’t use it.  My husband and I even fight on a regular basis on which one is better Spotify of Google Play Music.  He just loves his Spotify. If you are looking for a cool music player for kids that connects to Spotify, check this one out.

There is even MORE great news, though, on the Google Play Music front.  They recently increased the free storage from 20000 songs to 50000 songs.  I pay monthly for my Google Play Music subscription, but I could easily be happy just listening to the music I own with the free version, especially now that the storage has increased.

Thanks Google for understanding that people can be multi-platform, and accommodating it!

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