Goals for the New Year!

I’ve had a busy 2010, a SUPER busy December, and I’m just now coming down from it all.  Some life changing things have happened in the last month, along with the fact that I was a retail widow for most of the month.  So, here I am, with renewed sense of commitment to many things in my life.  I typically don’t do “New Year’s Resolutions”.  I think you should commit yourself to things every day, and make goals constantly.  To limit yourself to only setting goals at the begining of the year is so… LIMITING.  I am always setting goals, and changing my routines, and recommitting myself to being organized.  I will say, though, that January is my favorite month!  Not just because it’s my birthday, and not just because it gets me a lot of traffic to my organizedmom.net blog, but because it always feels so NEW!  So these are some of my goals for this year…

These aren’t in any particular order…

1.  I need a car.  I REALLY REALLY need a car!  Especially now that I’m not working from home.  Having only one car is getting increasingly difficult.  So this year, I’m getting a car.  I don’t know how or what kind, just one that runs.  It doesn’t even have to look good.  As long as it can get my husband to work every day.

2. I want a DSLR very badly!  The pictures I take with my sister’s camera (which is a DSLR) are so much better than the pictures I take with my own camera.  My blog pictures will look a million times better with a DSLR, and I’d probably take more pictures of my kids and family with one.  I think this one may be a reality soon though with my birthday coming up, and a super nice husband, who happens to get a good discount at a certain retail store.

3.  I will write my blog posts the night before they are to go live (this goes for organizedmom.net too)!  I am now working in the morning and would have no time to post them before work.  Once I get home from work, I want to hang out with my kids and get lunch going and do other things, so I really never get to posting until later anyway (if at all!)

4.  I am planning my meals in advance every month (AND MAKING THEM).  I am definitely using the help of www.kitchenmonki.com.  I go in cycles.  I’ll plan them for a while, but then typically I’d get stuck on help desk calls, and never get around to actually making the meal.  That won’t be a problem anymore, so I’m planning… AGAIN!  This time though I’m planning lunches AND dinners.  That way it’s not 2 in the afternoon and I have forgotten to feed my children!

5.  I am scheduling routines and sticking to them (this includes a daily workout, which is actually going to start after I get back from CES and the Ford Green Event (more details on those later this week!).  It’s always been such a challenge for me to stick to the routines I’ve created for myself and my kids, because of the nature of the job I did.  When I was working from home, it was never on a set schedule.  I worked when calls came in.  This made it extremely difficult to adhere to any sort of normal routine, as one call would mess with the entire day.  Now that I don’t have that super variable schedule I can get back to the routines that I know and love so well.

6.  I’m going to tweet more.  I probably tweet about once a day, if that.  I would like to be more active in that community. 

7.  I’m going to play with my kids more.  In the past it’s been hard since I’ve been working from home.  Now that I’m not, I can actually spend quality time with the kids when I’m home, instead of constantly being on the phone.

8.  I will read more.  I got the Literati for a review and it has inspired me to read more.  Since Hubby got a new xbox headset for Christmas, it will be perfect for me to sit and read while he games.  Who says quality time needs to be interactive?  🙂

9.  I will stick to my budget.  I came clean on some of our financial issues on the Organized Mom blog.  I’ve created a spankin’ new budget for our family, and by gum I am going to stick to it!

10.  Last but not least, I am going to finish a few ebooks that I’ve been working on for a while.  They are going to be GREAT!

So there you have it.  My goals for the year!  I’m going to do my best to stick to ’em, and recommit every day to living up to it!  How about you?

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  • Hmmmm……….since you’re goals are the pretty much the same as mine…..I have an idea. Each week you can just forward me that menu plan, daily workout and budget! 😉

    Honestly, I am soooo looking forward to a more organized year. I started using FlyLady just before running across your site!

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