Give Dad a Tech Makeover for Father’s Day!

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We all know that Father’s Day is just around the corner, and we all know that what Dad’s REALLY want for Father’s Day is another tie, right?  Well, today we are going beyond the tie, and letting you know what Dad really wants for Father’s Day is an upgrade in technology.  This isn’t going to be your typical Father’s Day gift guide, this gift guide isn’t for the faint of pocketbook.  Most of the Dad’s I know, would love to have the latest and greatest technology has to offer, and this is the guide that will help you get them there.

Even though this stuff won’t come on the cheap, you can actually find super great deals right on eBay!  They have even put together a great gift guide of their own located at  Right now you can also enter to win $500 to shop on eBay by creating your very own #eBayDad collection (hurry though sweepstakes ends on June 1st  You can easily purchase these items by checking out my own Tech Dad Makeover collection on eBay.   So let’s see what kind of technology needs upgrading in Dad’s life?


PHONE – One of the pieces of technology that Dad uses constantly.  The latest and, in my opinion, greatest smartphone on the market right now is the Samsung Galaxy S5.  This phone is SPEE-DY!  My Husband was recently playing with mine and kept commenting on just how darn fast the phone is compared to his old phone (and his old phone is only a year old).  The S5 has a great back to it that won’t show every single fingerprint and smudge that comes it’s way, and the screen just can’t be beat.  Plus it’s water resistant, so it’s going to survive if Dad is testing out the sprinklers getting ready for spring.  It can also connect with other super cool tech items like the Galaxy Gear watch and the Gear Fit to round out the whole tech package.

LAPTOP – Aside from the phone, the laptop is probably what gets used more than any other technology item that Dad has among his technology products.  Whether Dad travels often, or just moves around the house a lot, the Lenovo Ideapad 11s is the perfect device.  It’s actually the device I’m using to type up this list right now!  The screen can flip all the way around so that the laptop can become a tablet to use to browse through magazines with Next Issue, or just watch videos through Netflix.  Windows 8 devices work best on a touch screen and the 11s delivers!  Although it is a teeny device, it packs some serious power into it’s tiny body, making it great for productivity AND for playing around on the internet.  Is there a Pinterest for guys?


TABLET – If Dad needs a tablet that can be a productivity workhorse, and his company uses several Microsoft products (including Outlook for email) a windows based tablet is going to be your best bet.  Some office places need to have a Windows machine to run certain applications as well.  A Dell Venue Pro will definitely fit the bill for this type of Dad.  Others could want the benefit of the Google Play store with it’s plethora of apps to choose from.  A new Samsung Galaxy Pro is going to be what you should go with in that situation.  Either way, a brand new tablet is sure to put a smile on Dad’s face!

TV – 3D is the wave of the future, and more and more TV’s are going to be 3D capable.  Dad wants to see all of the action from the Avengers in glorious 3D!  If you’ve got the wall space I recommend an Epson Powerlite Home Cinema 2000


Seriously, who needs to go to the movie theater with one of these at the house!  With the ever increasing cost of going to the movies as a family, this is such an awesome solution!  Plus, there is nothing like an outdoor movie night in the summer!

If you want to go with a standard TV though, the rule to follow is “there is no such thing as too big”  A 64″ Samsung Smart 3D TV will guarantee access to Hulu, Netflix, Vudu and all of the other great streaming services without the need to plug it into anything else.

GAMING SYSTEM – Much can be said about PS4 vs. XBOX One, but seriously what can I say that hasn’t already been said better by Sheldon Cooper…

The truth is, if the Dad in your life is a hard core gamer, go with the PS4, if he is a casual gamer and likes several other forms of entertainment, it’s probably best to go with the xbox.  We have a PS4, but my hubby is a total gamer.

PRINTER – While often it can be cheaper to just go out and buy a new printer than it is to purchase ink for your old printer, everyone could use a little upgrade to their printing capabilities.  A nice photo quality printer will help Dad whether he’s printing off March Madness brackets, or his favorite picture of him and his dog.  Also, it’s best to get a printer/scanner/copier all in one unit like the Canon PIXMA MG6320, so there should be no need to stop at the FedEx store to make a few copies.

CAMERA – GoPro is to Dad’s what DSLR’s are to Mom’s.  If you don’t believe me, head to any preschool graduation/elementary school event/dance recital, an count just how many moms are sporting a DSLR camera.  Dad’s on the other hand don’t want to be bogged down with a large camera, they want to capture the action as it happens, and therefore they need a GoPro.  This small, light weight camera can go down the river, on the ski lift, camping, etc and with it’s protective covering there is no worry about the camera getting damaged.  Plus the picture quality is truly no joke.  This thing takes FABULOUS videos!


We’ve hit just about every area of tech where Dad could use an upgrade, so hopefully you can see where his tech is lacking and get him the latest and the greatest this Father’s day.  If you want to go a little more traditional (and maybe just a bit cheaper) check out my other eBay Collection featuring all the things that the guys in my life would love to get (maybe I’d love to get them too, but SHHHHHHH)

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