Girls Can Get Excited About STEM With Kano’s New Coding Kit

Kano's new Disney coding kit could help girls get excited about coding! Check it out!

This week Kano has been busy! Earlier in the week, they released the Star Wars The Force Coding Kit, and now they have released a similar product that is sure to get Girls interested in coding too! The new kit definitely has similar functions as the Jedi Coding kit, but allows you to become Elsa from Frozen as you control the elements!

While most of the kit’s from Kano are very gender-neutral, using bright colors like orange and red, this is really the first kit I could see appealing to more girls in the population. Especially those who are not as into Star Wars as girls like Emilee and me.

As you know, I’m extremely passionate about girls becoming interested in computers, technology, and coding. So this new product definitely checks all my boxes.

The Disney Frozen 2 Coding Kit comes with all of the same amazing tools that the Star Wars Kit does, including Kano’s signature how-to book. This book not only brings the technology to life in a fun and exciting way, but it also allows them to learn about the parts of the tech they are using as it explains them in terms kids can grasp. The book is often one of my son’s favorite parts of the kits.

Using the included book, your child will put together the sensor that they will interact with when they are coding. This hands-on part really gives your child a sense of how the parts interact and will allow them to understand how the parts will react when it is time to code.

The fun really begins when your child starts to code their new project. The interface offers a simple drag and drop way to put the code together.

Once the code is all set, your child can use the sensor to control items in various games built directly for the Frozen coding kit. You can conjure up an ice palace, prevent Olaf from melting, or just create and play with all of your favorite characters from Frozen.

The kit also includes a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) which contains sensors and LEDs, stickers to decorate your device, a case for the Board with a light ring, top + bottom case, and power button, and batteries ARE included.

The app to control your new Kano device can be downloaded from the Windows Store, iTunes or the Kindle store (sorry Android users, looks like you may be out of luck for release day). You will also need a compatible device. Currently announced compatibility includes Windows 10 PCs, Macs, iPads, or a Kindle Fire 10HD with Bluetooth® LE.

Disney Frozen 2 Coding Kit is available for $79.99 USD from, and at selected retailers in the U.S., UK, and Canada 

If you are looking for other kits from Kano that your girls might be interested in, definitely check out the Pixel kit too, which allows your child to create a fun light show!

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