Girl Scouts Go High Tech!

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I am more than a little obsessed with Girl Scout Cookies.  I seriously could eat a whole box in one sitting.  In truth, I think I hate the equivalent of a whole box today, but of various flavors, so there is just half missing from about 5 boxes.  When I start seeing the Easter candy come out in the stores, I start looking for those Girl Scouts so I can get my fix.

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The Girl scouts released an app last year to help you locate Girl Scout cookies.   You can download the app for Android or iOS.  You can also just visit their website and enter your zip code to find where and when you can find those booths.  I loved that it was so easy to figure out exactly where I could buy the cookies, instead of stalking the grocery stores every Saturday as soon as I see the Easter candy.

This year the Girl Scouts stepped up their game though, and allowed the girls to create their own webpage to sell cookies!  When I saw the websites at CES this year I was SO excited about it.  First, not only is it teaching the girls about technology and running a website, it’s also helping them to be able to sell a whole lot more cookies.  When my daughter was a girl scout, the “selling” period was right in the middle of Utah winter.  I’m sorry, but I’m just not going door to door with my daughter in the freezing snow.  It’s just not going to happen.  So I had to rely on friends and family that were local to help my daughter reach her goals.  With the online cookie sales, we could have had some major success!  While the websites are no longer selling cookies (because we have now reached the delivery stage of cookie sales) definitely watch for them next year!

Sidenote:  Little Brownie Bakers is the only true Girl Scout cookie.  I promise.


I really love the Girl Scout program, and wish I had the time to still do it with my daughter.  For now, I just have to pull up the app on my phone and go wait in front of the grocery store for the girls to arrive!  Samoas… here I come!

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