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With Fall fast approaching “Back-to-School” is in the air.  When I was going to school the internet was definitely not what it is today.  While there is still a lot to be said about libraries and actual books on paper, the digital age is here.  Doing research, or getting help with your homework online though can be a tricky thing.

When you are online it can be hard to separate fact from fiction.  One of the worst places to get information is  Many people don’t understand that ANYONE can edit information on wikipedia.  I can hop onto the article on Disney, and replace the CEO’s name with my own!  Look at that, I’m now the CEO of Disney.  When can I start picking up my paycheck?

It would be hard to believe that you have this vast information resource, and not be able to utilize it though, right!  I mean, I was good at math when I was younger, but heck if I remember what the quadratic equation is off the top of my head (or even why and where you need to use it!).  Enter some great resources around the net that I found to help your kids of all ages with their homework.  If you check out the sites with your kids you’ll know that the site is legit, and you may even remember how to use the quadratic equation yourself!

First for an actual tutor, with a real live person to help, check out (make sure to check out my TI-Nspire calculator giveaway, because the package includes 60 minutes free at!)

Next for a great website FULL of links to sites of all subjects and age levels check out the Homework Spot.  It’s not the prettiest site out there, but the links are great!

The Salt Lake City library also has a really great page of resources for older kids and teens on a broad range of topics. is a great place for learning games of all topics.  I especially liked the Grammar Gorrillas where you click on the word in the sentence that is a verb or a noun.

A really fun math website is Cool Math 4 Kids.  The site is really fun and interactive, and will help you learn (or re-learn for us adults) some basic and not so basic math concepts.

For science I really enjoyed checking out Science Bob’s website.  It has really fun science experiments you can try, videos, and great research links.

The last site I really enjoyed checking out was the Internet Public Library.  It’s just like it sounds, your public library, but online!

So definitely check out some of these websites.  If you go to the right spots you can find good information.  Just try and avoid the sites that may or may not be very accurate… and hey where’s my check from Disney?

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  • There is a great site out there for k-3 math ( It’s a character-based interactive game where kids get to go on math adventures. The program is so sophisticated that it gets more challenging as the player advances in skill.

    The best part is that there is a report generated in the Parent Dashboard where it will highlight the player’s strengths and areas that need more support!

    They have a 14-day trial on now. Check it out!

  • Wasn’t my favorite subject, but I did enjoy geometry and my teacher trying to get us to understand.
    My children, a high school senior and 2nd grader, like it more than I did.
    I didn’t enjoy math until nursing school.