GameStop & Nintendo DSi Review/Giveaway!

Back in July I wrote a post about my daughter and how we got her a DSi while on our trip to Tahoe.  She just turned 5, and still loves to play with her DS.  Even for her birthday just recently we ended up getting her a couple new games for her system.  Over July my kids and I traveled a LOT.  The DS was such a blessing!  Trust me, traveling with 2 very young children by myself was definitely not my idea of a great time.  The DSi kept her entertained during every flight, and she was even showing the flight attendant how to play!  It was really great to be able to concentrate most of my attention to the squirming toddler in my lap!

Since we arrived home, though it has been a great learning tool, in addition to it’s entertainment value.  My daughter LOVES to take pictures, and the fact that her DSi has cameras both on the front and the back make it really easy for her to take pictures of herself, or the dog (her 2 favorite subjects to photograph).  Even without our help, she has figured out how to use most of the extra features on the system, such as the cameras (and the ability to put a Mario mustache on the picture of yourself).  She also uses some sort of voice tool to make her voice sound crazy.  It’s one of her favorite things to do.  She also uses the flipbook app to draw books.  Her most recent book was about a dog that went to his dog house and got fed and then was happy.  I am constantly amazed at the things she comes up with on a daily basis!

Like I said in my previous post, almost ALL of my daughter’s cousins have a DS of some sort.  While we were all in Tahoe sharing a cabin the DS’s were everywhere!  It’s such a small and convenient game system, that can do so much more!

Our friends at GameStopare excited…and with darn good reason. They are now offering the super popular Nintendo DSi (you know, the one your kids are always asking about) for only $149.99.

Even though my husband works for a big box electronics retailer, he almost always gets his games at GameStop.  Mostly because I usually won’t let him purchase a new game unless he sells one he’s already beat.  I know, I’m so mean, huh?  Not only can he sell back his games there, he can GET games at great prices at GameStop.  If you sell games back and get store credit you get even more cash for your games then if you were to just sell them back for the actual cash!  So he sells the games he’s not going to play again back and is able to buy a new game!  The employees at the store are always VERY knowledgeable about games, and can give you great advice about age appropriate games for your kids.  They are SO knowledgeable that I almost got in trouble once when bringing a game in for my husband, with orders on what to pick up in return.  The game I was selling back was a highly popular game, and the employees couldn’t believe that I would sell it back!  I assured them my husband had beat it, and didn’t need it anymore.  They were ok once they found out the new game I was picking up.  🙂

In addition to the awesome news about the price drop, I have even better news!  You can win a brand new DSi and 2 games (ARV $210) right here on Tech4Mommies!  Simply leave a comment on this post to be entered.  As always, there is only one entry allowed per person.  The giveaway will go through Sunday, Sept. 19th at 8 PM MST.

For even more Nintendo DSi giveaway fun, check out TodaysMamaand enter to win DSi’s for the entire family. You heard me right! That’s 5 DSi’s and 10 games.

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*Disclosure – I was provided a DSi and 2 games from GameStop and Nintendo, but we obviously frequented GameStop long before they were gracious enough to give me a DSi, and my daughter really already had one anyway.  🙂

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