Future of Technology

Remember when I described my “house of the future“?  Well, either someone at Microsoft reads my blog, or they have the same ideas!  Microsoft just released this video about the productivity of the future.  Can I just say the video is AWESOME!!!  So awesome in fact that I NEED it NOW!!!

My husband and I are always talking about how amazing video game quality is.  Where 20 years ago I was at my boyfriends house watching his family play golf on a Playstation One, and thought it looked AMAZING!  It pales in comparison to how video games look now, and sometimes it’s hard to imagine how much things will improve in the future.  This video gives me awesome home that better things truly are yet to come!  Definitely go check it out.  I’ll admit that the video just about made me jump out of my chair and shout for joy!

Check out more videos and Microsoft’s vision at http://www.microsoft.com/office/vision/

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