Did you know that Christmas  break is one of the most popular times to go on a Caribbean Cruise?

It’s true.

Are you going on a cruise during Christmas break?


I don’t want to hear about it.

The only place I’m cruising to is the carwash, because my car has not been washed since the last week of summer.

(I would remember because my three year old sprayed me with the hose, and I vowed never to wash the car again.)

Anywho, even though we are not hitting up the Carribean, my husband and I still have some fun activities planned with our kids.

Sledding, swimming, and anything else that will wear out my kids in a short amount of time! 🙂

So, if you’re headed south, or just staycationing at home, here’s a fabulous camera for all those active family outings.

It’s the Fujifilm XP30.

The XP30 is a GPS 14 megapixel camera, that just happens to be waterproof, dust proof, freeze proof, and a shock proof camera. Talk about family friendly!

Have you ever dropped your camera before?

Wait, let me rephrase.

Have you ever yelled at your nine year old to be careful and not drop the camera? And then he drops the camera, and you spend the next two years shooting with a cracked LCD screen, because why on earth would you keep buying new devices when your children keep dropping them???

No, I am not speaking from experience, why do you ask?

The xp30 is a kid proof camera, fitted with a shockproof bumper that protects it from falls up to five feet high. The lens is protected with reinforced glass, and the camera body is outfitted with a anti-slip rubber grip for your fingers while you are shooting.

I loved trying out this camera! I packed up my kids and hit the local pool, and we had so much fun shooting under water.

Even at our dark indoor pool we got some great shots!

What was even more impressive though, was the video! I have never shot video underwater before and I love how it turned out. Even the sound recorded my kids talking above water, and my daughter blowing bubbles under water. Here’s a quick sample of the video quality:

Overall I really loved this camera. There were a few cons. The camera shutter is much like a DSLR where you push halfway to focus, and then all the way to take the picture. It takes some getting use to, and with kids I missed a few smiles waiting for the camera to focus. Also, I ended up turning off the GPS feature as I found it tended to really wear out the battery. Besides that, it’s a great sporty camera for vacationing at the beach, or just hitting the pool at home.

Thanks Fujifilm for letting me try out the XP30! The XP30 retails for  $239. You can currently purchase it on Amazon for around $150. To learn more about the Fujifilm XP 30 go here.

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