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I own all 10 seasons of Friends on DVD.  I own season 1 & 2 on BluRay (I haven’t purchased the full Blu-Ray set yet because the packaging doesn’t fit nicely on my shelves… and that’s important to me).  Yet, every night I still watch episodes of Friends on TV.  The main reason is that it’s just more convenient, commercials and all, than pulling out the DVD’s and putting them in (especially since you have to keep changing out the discs when you reach the end of a few episodes)  I know.  #FirstWorldProblems for sure!  By watching it on TV though, I don’t get to pick which episode I want to watch.  Sometimes, they even end the episode and I REALLY want to watch the next one (maybe it’s a favorite of mine, or maybe it’s a continuation of the previous episode), either way… the news that ALL of the episodes are coming to Netflix is definitely SUPER exciting for me!

Every Thanksgiving night I sit down and watch ALL of the Friends Thanksgiving episodes.  My husband was usually at work, so it was a nice little tradition for me.  Here’s a clip from one of my favorites…

There is not one moment in my life that I can’t relate to a Friends clip or quote.  I am shocked every time I pull out a Friends quote around my Sister, and she has NO idea what I’m talking about!  This is one reason I’m SO excited for Friends to come to Netflix.  My Sister got rid of cable a while ago, and is always looking for fun things to watch on her Roku.  Now I can have an awesome girl’s night at her house with a marathon of my favorite episodes (without having to change discs around constantly!)  I definitely know what we’ll be doing New Year’s Day!

And I present… Dancing Gunther!

I am not being compenstated for my participation in Netflix’s Stream Team, but I was given a year of Netflix service.  The fact that I’ve actually had a Netflix account since 2003 should be taken into account though.  😀

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