Friends Easter Eggs On Google

Google always has really fun easter eggs. Whether it’s playing Pacman or having Thanos delete half of the internet, when you find one, you just have to share them!

Today I discovered the Friends easter eggs on Google search, and they are kinda amazing. The best ones, by far, are for Ross, Phoebe and Joey.

When you do a Google search for “Friends Ross” you will get your standard Wikipedia type answer (on mobile it’s front and center, but on a desktop, it will be off to the right. You will see a small couch next to the share button. If you click or tap on the couch the screen the whole screen will PI-VOT and you will hear Ross saying “PI-VOT!” If you click on it enough the couch will break in half and Ross will let you know that it probably won’t pivot anymore. The easter egg is a reference to this classic scene…

Phoebe’s is pretty obvious. If you Google “Friends Phoebe” there is a guitar you can click on and it will play her singing “Smelly Cat” with an animation of a stinky cat that goes back and forth on your screen.

Joey’s is my favorite and is a quote I use often. When you replace the name with Joey you get a pizza to click on. I thought it might be something about two pizzas, but I was pleasantly surprised when it was actually the quote “JOEY DOESN’T SHARE FOOD” with a bunch of food appearing on the screen and 2 arms grabbing all of it.

Chandler’s search results in a recliner, obviously not Rosita, but when you click it, it will recline and the chick and the duck will pop out and start quacking all over the screen.

Since Monica is known for wanting to keep things clean. Her animation is a sponge that comes out of a bucket of soapy water and starts cleaning the search result. While it’s not one of the greatest… I mean couldn’t they have also dubbed “I KNOW!” over the cleaning… it’s not the worst…

Rachel’s is the most disappointing, as there are really so many options for each character, but it’s just a picture of her head and when you click on it you get images of the “Rachel” haircut. I get that it was an iconic thing, but in comparison to the others, it’s a missed opportunity I think.

These easter eggs celebrate 25 years since the first episode aired on Sept. 22nd, 1994. It’s so crazy to think that it’s been so long, especially since I was literally just in high school yesterday (ok, maybe it was for my Nephew’s football game and I haven’t actually attended high school for over 20 years, but still)

There are actually quite a few theaters doing a “Friends 25th: The One With the Anniversary” special showing this week. It’s a 3-night event that will show favorite episodes each night. The second night has “The One With the Embryos” which is definitely one of my favorite episodes.

Check your local theater to see if they are running the anniversary special and go check out Friends on the big screen too!

If you really think you know Friends, I created a little trivia quiz for you to test your knowledge! See what you know…


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