FREE New Testament Daily Reading Chart for Come, Follow Me 2023

Three years ago I created a reading chart for the Sunday School lessons for the Church of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saints when we were studying the Book of Mormon. I was unable to find a chart that would tell me what to read every day so I could read the Book of Mormon daily, and still follow the planned reading for the Sunday School lessons. So, I made one and shared it for anyone to download, print, share, and follow.

I wasn’t planning on creating one for 2021, since I didn’t see a need to study the Doctrine and Covenants daily, so I felt the chart was not needed. However, SO MANY people emailed me, asking if I would do one, so I did.

And then last year, the requests continued to roll in. Apparently people like it. I decided I’ll likely continue this tradition since so many people find it useful. But, I was SUPER close to not making one again this year, because it really is a lot of work, but my daughter really wanted one to keep up on her reading for seminary this year, so here we are again…

So, please to enjoy, the New Testament Daily Reading Chart for Come, Follow Me 2023 – Click to download

Since the whole point of this was to continue to read the Book of Mormon daily, I also wanted to add daily readings of the Book of Mormon to my studies. I took the same philosophy and attempted to break up the Book of Mormon into even sections for every day throughout the year. You can download and share this as well.

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