Free! LeapFrog Summer Camp

Just a little heads up for all you parents out there wondering if those hours spent watching Sponge Bob are really as harmful as they seem…

Did you know?

LeapFrog Infographic Summer CampSo with those frightening facts in mind, let’s add some fun educational activities to the roster this summer. Lucky for you LeapFrog has amassed a digital ton of articles for parents, plus printables and activities for your kids to do this summer–and it’s all for free. 

I checked out the website and you can filter results by age, type of activity (printable, activity, video, discussion…etc.), and skill (math, reading & writing, science, social studies…etc.). So if you have more than one kid, you are still all set. Just print separate activities for each of them.

There are tons of stuff to keep the kiddies busy all summer long. Click here if you would like to sign up.

And here’s a sample of a kindergarten math printable.


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