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Thank you to Fooz Kids for providing me with an All-In-One pack to review. The opinions I’ve expressed here are solely my own and represent my honest viewpoint.

Remember how in love I was with KidRocket?  Well, I take it all back!  I have found Fooz Kids and I’m not going back.  You can’t make me!  As soon as I installed Fooz Kids on our main computer I called over to Maddie (my 6 year old) to come test it out.  She is used to being the guinea pig for many products, since I like to show how well kids can use even advanced technology.  She came over and was SO excited about all of the options.  She’s and old soul, and her absolutely favorite cartoon is Tom & Jerry.  She had always played before on NickJr and Disney Junior’s websites, but I had never actually showed her other sites out there.  As she started scrolling through the characters and shows that she could watch or play with, she found Tom & Jerry and was instantly in love with the program.  She clicked on Tom & Jerry and it brought her to Cartoon Network’s website where she could now watch videos of Tom & Jerry, play games with Tom & Jerry in it, and even change her desktop background to a new Tom & Jerry picture.

Since I set up her profile and added her age and gender, all of the choices were age appropriate, and things she actually loves to watch and play.  It’s really a great way for her to browse the web without fearing that she will stumble upon a site that is NOT age appropriate.  That is the “web” channel, and it’s really great for checking out all of the great websites out there for kids to use.  There is also a game channel that has almost all of the same choices, but will take you directly to the different games for those characters.  So when we click on Games and then Tom & Jerry there are a few choices of games in an easy to see format.  Click on the game you want to play and it will open the website directly to that game.

The crafts channel acts the same way as the games channel, in that it will bring you directly to the printable coloring page, or the fun craft printout on the website of the character you clicked on.  Another great channel that I really liked was the University channel.  It has several learning games and quizzes to keep your kids learning and there are a ton of different categories.  Maddie thought she was really smart, which she is but not THIS smart, so she clicked on 5th grade and tried to do one of the games there.  Even I didn’t know the answers!  So apparently I am NOT smarter than a 5th grader.  Another thing that Maddie was able to figure out and completely did all on her own.  Literally I walked over and noticed that she had completely changed her profile picture.  She added glasses (because she wears glasses), changed the hair color, added a pizza slice and a dog that looks just like our real dog, and even changed her clothes!

Since I have 2 kids, Maddie has started drawing pictures in the program and “emailing” them to her brother.  Then she goes in to his account and checks his email, and sends one back to herself.  It’s pretty funny.  She’s great at drawing pictures and again, totally figured that the whole email within the program for herself, not that I’m bragging.

Not only does it give super easy and simplified access to all the best and none of the worst of the web (unless you talk to my husband who says all live action Disney Channel shows are the worst), it’s got some great parental controls for you.  I can remove any of the websites that my children see.  If you don’t approve of certain characters or shows (such as in the case of my husband’s hatred of the live action shows).  My favoritest parental setting is the “prevent your kid from exiting Fooz Kids”.  You can make it so they can not get back to the desktop without your special password.  This will protect your computer from getting destroyed by your kids!

The one thing that was lacking for me from the parental controls is the timing functions (it may be there, I just couldn’t find it).  I would like to set a time frame for it to shut down.  So like say anytime Maddie starts playing with it, I’d like it to lock after 30 minutes.  I would also like to set times of the day they can play.  My daughter wakes up EARLY, and I don’t want her to be able to play it while I’m still asleep.

It was easy enough for my 2 year old to play as well!  He really enjoyed picking from the different characters, but is still learning his way through actually playing any games.  He’s great at drawing with it though!

Definitely go check it out. I’m sure you’ll fall in love with it too!

Please click here to learn more about Fooz Kids. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective. All opinions are my own. #cleverfooz

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