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I’m more than a little bit obsessed with fitness these days.  I’m in a competition with my Sister, and I refuse to lose!  As a tech obsessed person, I adore tracking every single little calorie I spend and consume, and there are several gadgets I use to help me in this task.

I wrote an entire eBay Guide about it, but wanted to highlight my favorite from the guide, which is my Samsung Gear Fit.  I have my Gear Fit paired up with my Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport from Sprint, and I seriously could not be happier with it.  There are so many step counters, and activity trackers these days.  What I love about the Gear Fit, is that not only can it do the things the great activity trackers can do, it can do so much more than that.

So of course the Gear Fit can count your steps…. I mean, what can’t these days?  It can also track your sleep, which is a feature of some of the more advanced activity trackers.  I get the added bonus though of getting text messages on it, RESPONDING to text messages, getting calendar alarm notifications that sync with my Google Calendar on my phone.  I can set a timer on it so when I’m cooking dinner and I have to go back upstairs to work, I can know when to come back down so my dinner doesn’t burn.

It will also help me find my phone if I seemed to have misplaced it, and a few other things that I don’t use quite as often as these, but are still super cool like controlling my music on my phone, and checking my heart rate.

Where the Gear Fit REALLY sold me though, is it’s integration with Endomondo.  My favorite workouts are on a website called DailyBurn.  They have a section of Heart Rate training workouts.  I use the connection with Endomondo to keep track of where I am so I can get the most out of the heart rate training.

I had the first Samsung Galaxy Gear.  It was cool, but I found that I didn’t wear it a ton, and especially didn’t wear it around the house.  It had been years since I wore a watch, and the Gear wasn’t the most comfortable thing in the world.  The Gear Fit though, is WAY better.  I have teeny wrists, so the huge screen of the original Gear just looked and felt odd.  The Gear Fit has a smaller curved screen, and the band is WAY more flexible.  I can barely feel it on my wrist, except for when I want to (like when it’s notifying me to pick up my son from Kindergarten).

Anyway, paired with my S5 Sport, my Gear Fit is my favorite piece of technology that I currently own.

So, speaking of being paired with my S5 Sport, Samsung recently announced the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.  I have to say, I WANTS IT.  I love when companies add features that make a phone stand out from the rest.  The Edge’s curved screen is exactly the kind of innovation I’m looking for.  The good news for me is that it will still connect to my Gear Fit, but I’ll have all of the productivity features that I want (see: S Pen).  I also happened to write an eBay Guide about using your smartphone as a productivity device.

When the Edge comes out, I’m going to be very tempted to take advantage of eBay’s current offer to give me a $100 coupon to eBay if I can’t get my current phone to sell!  There is literally no downside to trying to sell my phone so I can upgrade to the latest!



So, definitely check out my eBay guides, and while you are there, check out how much you can get for your current phone so that you can upgrade to the latest and greatest!

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