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Today I was on KSL Studio 5 talking about the main fitness apps that I use to help motivate me!  I’ll post the video as soon as it goes live, but I wanted to let you know about them, and a few that we didn’t end up having time to chat about too…

Everyone is motivated by different things.  Something that can get me off the couch, may not work in getting someone else.  So, I’ve grouped these apps in motivation types.


So first up we have the “look at me” apps.  These are the apps that have automatic sharing enabled, so you can show off exactly how far you ran, how fast you ran, how many push-ups you can do, etc.


Runtastic – I love all the Runtastic apps for exactly this.  They have Runtastic Pro, which is a great running tracker, but they also have 6-pack Abs, Push-ups, Pull-ups, etc.  The other great thing about this is that no matter which of their apps you are using they all get tracked on your main Runtastic profile and it can sync up with MyFitnessPal.  The badges for the apps are fun too, like “Mission Pecs”.

These badges you earn a perfect for sharing, and showing off just how well you are doing!


 BodeeFit is another great app that will give you a set of exercises to do daily that you can share out how quickly you did it, or how many reps you accomplished in the time frame.  The BodeeFit workouts, though, are definitely not for the faint of heart.  Each one has kicked my butt!


The following apps will make it a competition for you!  Whether you are competing with others online, or competing with yourself, either way, you are sure to be motivated to WIN.

Endomondo – I really love Endomondo because they have challenges you can sign up for.  Many of these challenges have prizes!  Right now in honor of Samsung’s Gear Fit teaming up with Endomondo there is a challenge to win a Gear Fit!  The more calories you burn through in the app the more entries you will have in the giveaway!  There are currently TONS of different challenges to choose from!



Pact – I super duper love with a pink puffy heart, this app.  The app is pretty simple.  Connect a payment account, and set an amount that you earn for each “pact” you complete.  My current Pacts are to log my food (it will sync up with MyFitnessPal, so I don’t have to log it in twice) 7 days a week, and hit the “gym” 6 days a week.  There are various ways you can prove the gym part.  One being hit 10000 steps with a fitbit.  You can also track a run that is longer than 1 mile, or check in at the Gym.  There is also a healthy eating Pact, but I haven’t ventured into that one yet.  Here’s the painful part.  If you miss a day, you will be CHARGED $10.  If you make your Pact you get money, if you break it, you pay.  Super simple, but I can’t tell you how many days I haven’t wanted to do anything and just thought to myself… 10 DOLLARS!!


Next up we have the fun part.  Turning your fitness into a game!


Zombies Run – I love running with this app!  First it can tap into your playlist, and as you run you are living out a story.  You have to retrieve something from an old building, so you have to run there to get it.  The whole time the Zombies are chasing you, and you can hear them in your headphones.  Then you’ll hear how close they are, so you better start running FAST.  It’s great for speed work and interval training during your runs.  You also “collect” items during your run.  When you return to your base you can use those items to build up your town with buildings, and a hospital and even a playground for the kids!  It’s really fun, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been trying to get enough items to build something, so I just HAVE to go for another run!

Run an Empire – OK, this one isn’t actually quite out yet…. but I can’t wait until it is!!  The thought is that if you run in a circle you essentially “mark” that territory as yours.  You can also run in a line and mark the territories along the way, but definitely a circle will get you the most territories the quickest.  You can run through someone else’s territories and mark them as your own, or when someone takes yours make sure you run through that next time.  It’s will be SO much fun, especially with how many runners there are in Utah.  Who will own the most of the state??  We will find out!


The key to sticking with a fitness program is truly finding the right motivation, and hopefully you can check some of these out and find what will work for you!

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