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I mentioned in my post about the fitbit One, that I received the Aria Scale from fitbit to round out my entire fitness/weight loss strategy.  While I’m not going to say I’m overweight, cause I really am not, but I AM ever so slightly on the verge of becoming overweight.

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You can see in this image how close the line in the middle is to the “orange section”.  The green section being a normal BMI (body mass index), and the orange meaning “overweight”.  I was teetering on the edge of the orange and I didn’t want to tip the scale (pardon the pun) in the wrong direction.  This is why I needed to take control of my body back this year.

I have always been pretty skinny.  It’s just the way my DNA is.  I’ve never had to work hard for it, it just is what it is.  Since I’ve had children, and gotten older, I still haven’t gotten large, but I have definitely softened up a bit.  Unless you consider when I was pregnant, and just after, cause I was HUGE!  To give you some proof of that fact, this is me just a few weeks postpartum with my son (who is snuggled up in my sling)



I’m sure that image will come as quite a shock for those who have met me, but have never seen me pregnant (or obviously just after).  And just to make myself feel better, this is what I looked like in college… (I’m on the far right, this is taken while I was working at Disney World in Florida as part of their College Program).

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Last but not least, here is what I looked like fall of last year right after running a 5k with some friends… (I’m far left)

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So, you can see, I’m no where near my college body, and truthfully, I’d like to be.  So hence I started on my get more fit/weight loss journey.  I’ve never been much of a scale watcher though.  I always would judge my fitness by how my clothes fit me.  We actually haven’t had a scale in our house for years.  When I started tracking every single thing I ate, stepped, drank, etc online with myfitnesspal and my fitbit, I really wanted to start tracking my weight there too, so I could watch it go down and down and down.  I saw that fitbit had a scale that could upload my weight and body fat percentage to my fitbit account instantly and wirelessly!  I HAD TO HAVE THIS SCALE.  I won’t go into the many routes I tried to obtain my new scale, and was seriously about 1 week away from just purchasing it myself.  I really really really wanted this scale.

The other part of the equation was that I started a fitness challenge with several of my friends.  This is the one we are using.  There are weigh-ins for extra points, and I didn’t have a scale.  Needless to say the first week, without those extra points (plus my aversion to all things fruit) I was at the bottom of the pack.  In the interest of full disclosure, when I started the challenge I was approximately at 137 (weigh-in on my sister’s scale).  I was probably actually closer to 135 (minus winter clothes and the billion cookies I had eaten the day of the weigh-in).  I am currently at 130.9… about to break 130 for the first time in a long time!

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I really attribute my success in this journey to my fitbit and the scale.  Some of the things I like about the scale are first that it’s GORGEOUS.  The one I have is white and a glass top.  At first I wasn’t sure how it all worked, so I stepped on with my socks on.  When it registered my body fat percentage at 5%, I knew I had done something wrong.  You need to step on with bare feet to register it correctly.

Second, I was a little nervous before it arrived, because some of the reviews on Amazon said that it was practically impossible to set up on the wireless network.  I have to say that absolutely was not the case for me.  Granted, I “do technology” for a living (sorry, that’s totally an inside joke), but all I did was follow the instruction card that came with it.  I wasn’t connected to the wifi on my laptop (I was plugged in with a cord), so I had to disconnect the cord and turn on my wireless during setup, but that was the only hiccup I encountered.

The scale even works great for my kids, who just like to step on it to play, not to actually track their weight, but since they don’t have a fitbit account tied to it, it just registers the weigh-in as a guest weigh-in.  Now, because I love my fitbit so much, I convinced my sister to purchase one as well.  So I’ve “invited” her to my scale.  We are very close in weight, so when I weigh in, it will ask me if I’m Amy.  I can tap the scale with my foot and then it will ask me if I’m Sarah.  Then there is nothing more I need to do.  My weight and body fat percentage gets uploaded to my fitbit profile (or my sister’s if it’s her weighing in).  You can have up to 8 fitbit profiles associated with one Aria scale.

So, I couldn’t be happier with the tools I have acquired to help with my weight loss plan.  To sum up here they all are and how they tie together.

MyFitnessPal – I use this to track workouts and meals.  I love that it’s got a bar code scanner so it makes entering items I’ve eaten incredibly easy.

Fitbit One – I use this to track my activity level throughout the day, and motivate me to be more active.  Also tracks my sleep and is my alarm clock.

Fitbit Aria Scale – Track weight loss, BMI and body fat percentage.

Fitbit website – Where everything comes together and I can track my water intake, see my food intake from myfitnesspal, my activity level and set and achieve goals for myself!

So far I’m down about 5 lbs.  Hoping for about 10 more!  Wish me luck!!!

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