First Ever #FitMadeFun Day

Fit Made Fun Day Official Graphic

Did you know that tomorrow, Saturday Sept 6th is the very first National Fit Made Fun Day? True, true. Mia Hamm, you know the women’s soccer player of all time, will be kicking it off with an event in Santa Monica, California. That link goes to the registration page if you would like to join those festivities. Participants will receive a LeapBand and a goodie bag, besides getting to hang out with Mia Hamm and break world records.

If you aren’t one of the lucky few who live in the Santa Monica area, do make fitness fun with your own family or friends. Ideas anyone? It’s the perfect weather for:

  • Hiking
  • Potato sack races
  • Biking
  • Jumping Jacks competition
  • Soccer game
  • Rollerblading
  • Three-legged race championships
  • Just Dance competition on the Xbox…
  • Hoola Hooping

As for me and mine, I think we’ll go geocaching in a nearby canyon.

In conjunction with Fit Made Fun Day, Mia Hamm is also the face for LeapBand, the new kids’ activity tracker that LeapFrog just released. Lucky for me I got my hands on a LeapBand and my kids have been enjoying it for a little while now. I also get to interview Mia Hamm about keeping our kids fit. Lucky for you, I’ll tell you all about my interview with Mia and the new LeapBand next week, plus we’ll be hosting a LeapFrog Goodie Bag Giveaway this month which will include LeapBands (LeapPad 3, 5 LeapPad cartridges, LeapTV, 3 LeapTV titles, and of course 2 LeapBands, plus a separate LeapBand giveaway for a second lucky winner).

Now go make fitness fun with your kids tomorrow and check back next week to enter our LeapBand giveaway and our LeapFrog goodie bag giveaway!

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