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FightCamp Now Has Kickboxing Workouts

Boxing gyms are pretty popular right now. There is a couple right within 5 miles of my house, in fact. However, they are expensive, and it’s cold outside now, so I don’t like to go anywhere. What if I told you, you could get a professional boxing gym workout right in your own home? FightCamp kickboxing workouts–problem solved!

I have been working out from home for just about my entire adult life. I mean, I purchased Tae Bo on VHS. Wait, does that age me? These days I do several different streaming workouts in the morning and sometimes top it off with a visit to my treadmill.

When Emilee (Family Tech Talk podcast co-host) and I saw FightCamp at CES this year, we were both over the top excited about it.

The workout system has a large Free-Standing Bag, Premium Boxing Gloves, a heavy workout mat, and punch trackers. The system is interactive and can count the number, velocity, and intensity of each punch.

Today FightCamp announced that kickboxing workouts would now be included in the streaming content library in addition to the boxing workouts already included. The new kickboxing workouts are led by some of the biggest names in the industry including Aaron Swenson, a two time National Kickboxing champion, Shanie Smash, an MMA competitor, and Flo Master.

To access the content library there is a monthly subscription fee. However, it’s definitely cheaper than a membership to an actual boxing gym. Plus, you won’t have to go out in the snow, so that’s a huge bonus.

FightCamp kickboxing workouts

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