Favorite Palm Pre Apps Part 3

This is the last post about my favorite apps… apps 11-15!  So lets just dig right in shall we?

DirecTV – I tested out this app while running errands the other day and was soooo impressed with it!  You can use it as a TV Guide, you can do a search for shows, and set it to record all from within the app.  It also listed BOTH of my DVR’s so I could select one or both of them to record the show to!  It worked perfectly, and it’s free which makes it all that much better!  Although I really don’t mind paying a few bucks for apps I really like.

Feeds – There are a few RSS feed readers in the app catalog, and I’ve downloaded some of them.  I like this one the best (sometimes I waiver between this and scoop though).  What I like about Feeds is that it has seperated my feeds into the catagories I have given them in my Google Feed Reader.  When I just want to check out what my friends and family are saying I can isolate those.  I also like that I can select “all items” and get everything that is unread.  The interface is very simple and easy to use, and looks fantastic.  Gotta hand it to DeliciousMorsel.com again for another fantastic app (Also the makers of Twee).

PocketMirror – This is definitely the most expensive app I have downloaded, but it’s been a great investment!  I have most of my contacts in Facebook and Outlook.  I also use Outlook for my tasks (but not for my calendar…. there is a whole post about how much I love the Pre’s calendar coming later!)  So using PocketMirror, my tasks follow me wherever I go.  I have a widget on my desktop that taps into my Outlook task list for when I’m working, and then when I’m around the house or out and about I can see and check off items from my Pre!  I also like having my contacts in Outlook so I can export the data and create labels for Christmas cards.  The really great part about the Pre’s contacts is the synergy.  I can have the same contact in my Facebook, in Outlook and in my Exchange, and it will only show up once on the Pre with all of the information in the various spots combined!

Tip ‘Em! – There are quite a few tip calculators in the app catalog, and truthfully they all pretty much do the same thing.  You enter the check amount and then you can select what percent you want to tip and whether or not to split the check.  You can also have it round the total amount.  What I like most about this particular tip calculator is the look of it.  It’s just fun to look at!  Much better than the greyish screens of the other ones. 

Picture Tweet – Last but certainly not least is Picture Tweet.  I know I have other methods to carry out this task (pixelpipe, Twee, emailing the picture to twitpic), but this is the quickest way for me to tweet a picture, and therefore it is the method I use the most.  It’s got a great interface, it’s super simple to use, and it works perfectly.  My ONLY improvement would be a little selection box at the bottom to select which account I want to tweet from.  Right now you can only tweet from one account at a time.  Other than that it’s quick and easy and all in all a great app!

So there you have it!  My top 15 apps!  Tomorrow I’m going to discuss my top 5 games, so definitely tune in! 

Apps I like that didn’t quite make the cut… Engadget – great for keeping up on all the latest tech news, Checkbook – simple way to keep track of purchases, Facebook – While I do use this app everyday, it could still improve in many many ways, Family Medical History – Good app to keep track of medical visits, issues, etc, but again, could use a lot of improvement, What’s For Dinner – This is a GREAT app for looking up recipes on the fly, but I don’t use it enough to really be useful yet.  I’d rather do my recipe research on my PC where I can check out the reviews.  Converter – I downloaded this once cause I needed a conversion and I was at the store.  It worked great!  I haven’t needed it since though, so it didn’t make the cut.  Stitcher – This is a podcast player!  It works really well, I just haven’t needed it.  When I’m in the car my daughter wants to listen to her music and not someone talking….

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*I wrote this review while working on a Verizon Palm Pre Plus campaign by TheMotherhood.com on behalf of Verizon Wireless and have been given a Palm Pre Plus (and prizes for giveaways) to facilitate my review.

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  • Several more apps for me to check out. Can’t wait to readh which GAMES you are loving! Again, long live the Palm Pre Plus!

  • alas, on my current Palm Treo, would you believe that I never got into downloading APPs? It just seems so unuser friendly and yet the Pre+ seems everything *but* not userfriendly (that’ll be my only double negative of these wee hours of the morning here on the east coast), therefore I am ever-more excited about the prospect of owning a Pre+ in the imminent future…