Favorite Palm Pre Apps Part 2

Today I continue the list of what apps I use on a daily basis and therefore are my favorite things!

Pixelpipe  – I first heard about this app on Precentral.net, who said it was great, so I thought I’d give it a try.  I agree!  It’s fantastic!  I have multiple twitter accounts, plus my facebook, a few blogs etc etc etc.  What I like about this is I can update my status and it will update all of my accounts at the same time (or just the accounts I specify).  It’s like havng tweetdeck on the run!  So any time I have a status update that I want to post to my various accounts I crack open pixelpipe instead of Twee or the facebook app.  You can go online to create the different “pipes” you have and seriously, if it’s social media it’s in there!  It’s a great program!

Wallpaper Switcharoo – I was wary about this app to begin with, but I read the reviews and they were really great, so I decided to give it a try.  This app is soooo awesome.  I love how my Windows 7 scrolls through different pictures for my background, and now my Pre can do it too.  You can pause it if you like your current wallpaper (which I have done a few times already), you can change how often it switches the background and select the different types of pictures you’d like to see.  It’s really fun, and the images have been sooo awesome!

Shopping Manager – This is the “other” shopping list app I use.  I use this one for every other store that I frequent like Costco, Target, etc.  What I like about this one is that it’s easy to quickly add items to the list, and I can keep some items that I buy on a regular basis like deoderant.  I will never enter every single aisle for Target or Costco so that is why this quick and easy shopping list is just perfect for those trips.  I can have a running list of each store so when I think of something to add I can just add it to the list, and then when I’m at the store everything is right there for me to pull up, so I don’t end up forgetting band-aids the next time I’m at Target… again.

MyQ – This is a Netflix app (and again there are a couple to choose from, this one was my favorite).  It’s really easy to find movies, and I love the fact that when I’m at the store and I see a movie that I wanted to see, I can add it to my queue right then and there.  I even had a shipping problem with the last movie that was supposed to come to me, and I reported it straight from this app.  It was quick and easy.  Very simple interface and works perfectly!

Poster – I have a few WordPress blogs, and a way to post to my blog was one of the things I was anticipating for the Pre.  When it finally hit the catalog I was so excited and downloaded it right away.  I really couldn’t be more pleased with this app.  I can start a draft on the Pre and then head back to my computer, and finish it up, or I can publish it straight from the Pre if I like the way i looks!  I can even access drafts I have started on my computer and finish them up on my Pre!  This is every blogger on the go’s dream app!

Now I still have a few apps and games I love so I’m going to continue tomorrow with favorite apps 11-15.  The next 5 apps definitely came close to making the cut, so I wanted to talk about them as well. 

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*I wrote this review while working on a Verizon Palm Pre Plus campaign by TheMotherhood.com on behalf of Verizon Wireless and have been given a Palm Pre Plus (and prizes for giveaways) to facilitate my review.

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  • Thanks for giving Shopping Manager a place in your Top 10 webOS Apps!
    Did you know that you can customize the display, for example hiding categories, if you don’t need them?
    BTW, the next version is on its way and should be soon showing up in the App Catalog.
    Greeting from Thomas of VivaLV Software 🙂

  • You pegged several more of my favorite apps. I am still testing several shopping list managers, but I am leaning toward Shopping Manager. I also use Pixel Pipe. Planning to check out the others soon. LOVE my Pre Plus!! Thanks for this super blog!