Facebook Statuses Take 2 (PDA Edition)

Alright, I’ve totally had it right now, and where is the best place to vent my shock/horror/frustrations, my blog!  Yippie!  I have a platform!  Really, when I get all ranty it really becomes my best work anyway.  So what is today’s wonderous rant about?  PDA on Facebook.

I have a friend, we’ll call him Billy Bob.  Billy Bob is recently divorced, and has entered the wide world of dating once again.  Now really, that’s great for him.  I’m glad he’s getting back out there and being happy.  Here’s what I DON’T need.  I DON’T need him acting like a 15 year old girl and spewing PDA all over his Facebook wall and her Facebook wall.  C’mon now, you are over 30 years old.  You do not need to prove to the world that you are happy and in a relationship.  Especially in this day and age of cell phones and text messages.  You can be as lovey dovey with each other as you want over text, privately.  You do not need to make public statements about your affection every. single. day.  Don’t you think it loses a little bit of meaning when it’s constantly in everyone’s face?  If I want to tell my husband that he’s great and I love him, I’ll send him a text message.  Or… GASP… tell him in person how much he means to me.  I don’t need to plaster it all over his wall, as if to say “look at me!  Look at US!  We are SO incredibly happy!!!”

I’ve heard it said before that the more you have to advertise something, the less likely it is true.  For example.  If you were to see a commercial for an airline that says “We never crash!”  Wouldn’t you be curious why they would go out of their way to say that they don’t crash?  Perhaps they have crashed in the past and are now trying to tell otherwise.

Now don’t get me wrong, on my anniversary (which I’m coming up on 11 years next month!) I’ll say that I’m so lucky to have such a wonderful guy, and the occasional “wow my husband did this really super sweet thing for me today”  These updates are few and far between though.  Not that he doesn’t do nice stuff for me all the time, it’s that I don’t feel the need to inform the public about it.

So just like I would hope we are old enough to NOT make out with our significant others in the mall, or waiting in the carpool line to pick up the kids from school… I hope that we are old enough to know that Facebook PDA is just as bad as regular PDA.  No one wants to see it, and it’s best to keep it private.

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