Facebook Messages Opens the Floodgates

Seems like right on top of the heels of Google+’s release, Facebook has opened up Facebook messages.  While I know they have been beta testing this technology for a while, it does seem to be released in response to Google+ (to me).  When you update your status on Google+, the people who are not members of Google+ that you have added to your circles will receive an email about your status update.  Integrating with Gmail is a big perk for many Google+ users.  Now it has come to Facebook with Facebook Messages.

When you login to Facebook over the next few days, you may see several “new” messages waiting for you on the page.  When you click the notification bar to see the messages you’ll get a message asking if you would like to enable Facebook Messages and to approve the username.  Since I have already chosen organizedmom as my personal facebook account username (my other Page is www.facebook.com/TheOrganizedMom ), it chose organizedmom@facebook.com as my Messages email address.

I decided to do a little test run, and composed an email to organizedmom@facebook.com.  I wanted to check out the speed of the message delivery, and how it would look within Facebook.  I have to say.  I really like the new functionality.  The message was delivered to my Facebook account very quickly, and I was able to reply to the message even quicker.  There is a little box at the bottom of the message where I could type in my reply.  Right under the text box is a checkbox.  When checked all you have to do is press the Enter key for the message to send.  If you are in the habit of typing paragraphs, then you might want to uncheck it so you can press enter without the message sending right away.  When you uncheck the box, a handy little “reply” button will pop up for you to click when you are done typing all of the paragraphs you want.  Another really great feature is that you can attach pictures or files to the message, right from Facebook.

Lastly, you can integrate text messages into messages.  If I open a new message in Facebook to my husband I can click the little checkbox and have it send him a text message too.  I definitely type much faster on my computer, and being able to send a text from my computer on Facebook is a great piece of functionality.

So, definitely go check it out, and claim your facebook.com email address today!  All I need now is an @dell.com and an @microsoft.com email address and my life will be complete.

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