Facebook Adds Lists as a Status Update Type

Check out the new Facebook status update type... Lists! What will you make a list about?

A few weeks ago Facebook announced the addition of lists to its status update types. In addition to GIFs, requests for recommendations, Polls and regular pictures and videos, you can now add a list to your status updates. Not like people haven’t been writing lists like this for a while, they just haven’t been laid out nearly as nice.

The update is still rolling out, but if Facebook on your mobile device is up to date, I imagine you should already have the option.

When you tap into your status update field, you are met with several choices, one of which should be the new “create a list” feature. You will be brought to a page that looks like this…

There are several prompts to choose from, or you could just create your own list type. If you create your own, you can title it however you want… like Movies I Will Be Buying This Month…

I just made a list of my favorite Winter Olympics Sports, although as I was writing it, the list basically boiled down to everything except Ice Dancing. It will be fun to see what kinds of lists my friends come up with though!


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