Epson Picturemate Charm Review

I have been neglecting my children.

No, no, they get food and shelter and all that good stuff.

Neglecting them in the art of displaying their pictures in frames kind of way.

I am really good at taking pictures.

I am really good at processing pictures.

Not so good at printing them.

Pictures in frames around here pretty much don’t change. Ever.

In fact, I get so many complements on an adorable framed baby picture, I just can’t bear to tell people she came with the frame.

And she is very cute.

And my babies are not babies anymore so I am not letting go of this one!!!

Sorry. Didn’t mean to yell at ya there.

Anywho, when Epson offered me a Picturemate Charm to review, my first thought was, “I should copy, print, and frame more pictures of that cute baby.”



Actually, I immediately thought I should come up with a photo display for my favorite pictures. Something I can often change. This printer seemed perfect as it would allow me to just print at home, and not have to deal with driving to a photo lab for just one or two images.

First I gathered up my supplies.

Well, I actually first watched the latest four episodes of The Office because you all know you can’t go out in public without being caught up on the office, and it was just shameful how behind I was.

Then I went out in public, and found some cool crafty stuff at Hobby Lobby. I picked up some wood embroidery hoops, and itty-bitty clothes pins. Here’s my supplies:

Next, I brushed some wood stain on the hoops and clothespins.

Then I glued the clothespins around the hoop frames with a hot glue gun.

Three cheers for hot glue!

Then I pulled out some wire I already had and created a sort of mobile with the hoops.

Next, print the pictures!

I was already about two hours into this project, and apparently my kids think they need to eat around dinner time, so I was thrilled at how fast these pictures printout out. I was done with all of them in just a few minutes.

Last step, attach the photos!

I love how this turned out! The best part is, I can easily print more photos and swap them out as I take them.

No more random baby photos!

Well, I might need an intervention to get rid of that one. But the rest of the frames will definitely be updated now.

Here’s how the finished project looks hanging in my living room window:


On a side note, I was really concerned about what the Epson paper would be like for this project. I thought if the paper was too thin you would be able to see through the photos, or they might start to bend after awhile. When the paper arrived I was thrilled to find that it felt amazing! The paper is thick and sturdy, and it also has a lovely glossy sheen to it. Go Epson!

Overall I would definitely recommend this printer. I am actually excited to print pictures again! In my pajamas! In the middle of the night! The options are endless!

Now I have to run. I need to go hold someone’s baby. And possibly take their picture for a certain frame I ‘m thinking of.

Thanks Epson! Feel free to send me more babies! (Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I just said that.)
You can check out more of Epson’s amazing printers here.

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