Don’t Lose Your Christmas Presents!

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With the majority of us doing our Christmas shopping online, packages are going to start arriving at houses in record numbers!  The crooks have already started to rob you of your precious gifts. I have joined a Facebook group for the city I live in, there was a warning about packages being stolen off of someone’s front porch just last week. Two things stand out to me here… the first being I live in a super small mostly rural city. The second thing I noticed is that we haven’t even really gotten to the major package delivery time yet!

It’s heartbreaking to spend so much money, get all of your Christmas shopping done, only to have it stolen right from under your nose! It’s just way too easy for thieves to canvas the neighborhood right after the delivery trucks come through, and do their own little shopping spree… with YOUR stuff! Luckily, a security system from will help you avoid this very thing in a number of ways.

The first, and most obvious solution is making sure if your packages go missing, you’ll be able to see exactly who the culprit is so you can both prove that it was stolen, and give the police something to work with. Security cameras for your home are quickly becoming the #1 tool for helping the police find and catch these guys. takes the guess work out of installing them too, with professional installation you will have the exact right angles to get that perfect shot of your culprit!

The next solution offers to help us actually GET our packages is the smart video doorbell. You can be notified of exactly when the delivery arrives, and can even talk to the delivery driver through the doorbell even when you aren’t at home. If you are nearby running errands, you can swing by your house really quick and get that package inside. Knowing the exact time it is delivered is really helpful when trying to plan out your day.

Lastly, you can have your package delivered to a secure location! If you aren’t home, and your phone notifies you that the delivery driver has pressed your doorbell button, you can talk to the driver through your doorbell, as I mentioned, but you can also quickly unlock a side door, or even the front door for the driver to put your package inside your house, or your garage, and then lock your house back up again (all from your phone!)

I love that not is not only thinking about the security of your house, but is also thinking of ways to make your home smarter, and easier to manage! So, don’t lose out on your hard earned packages! Contact and get your whole house dialed in.  It could be your Christmas present to yourself!

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