Don’t Fear the Delete Key

Whenever I hear of someone deleting something my mind always goes to Jim Carey in Liar Liar going “Deleted!”.  This is a post I’ve actually been meaning to write for a bit, but am finally getting around to.  We’ve all seen it on Facebook… someone posts a status, finds something wrong with said status, and then corrects it in the comment directly below the status.  I’m not exactly sure why people do this.  I know you don’t want to sound like an idiot with whatever mistake was made in the original status… but wouldn’t you seem even LESS like an idiot if you just delete that status and post a new, corrected, status?

My explanation is that maybe many of you don’t know how to delete a status.  That I can understand, and am here to help you out in that case!  When you are looking at the facebook webpage, and you hover someones status a nice little “x” appears to the right of that status.  If you’d like to hide the person, or the page, or just that particular “game” or quiz you can do that from that handy little “x”.  The handy little “x” also appears when you are on your personal profile page, and will allow you to delete the post, the comment, the whatever.

So, don’t be shy with that delete key.  You’ll sound even smarter when you aren’t constantly correcting your posts.

Granted… I am writing this post as my friend points out to me that I spelled my own son’s name wrong in a blog post, which auto populated to my personal facebook page, so I can’t change the post on that without deleting the whole post and re-publishing.  Sometimes, you are going to sound like an idiot regardless…..

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