Does Your Breath Stink?

Philips Sonicare Bad Breath Detector

Everybody wants to know if their breath stinks. It’s a universal curiosity. Most of us just brush our teeth and hope for the best. If you have a true friend who would see you through halitosis and beyond, you might even huff in their face to get their opinion.

Well, we can now spare our bestie’s olfactory nerve, as well as anybody within the danger zone of your breathing radius. Philips Sonicare will be shipping their newest oral hygiene kit later this year, which will include this cool little device (pictured above at CES 2016) that can quantify the question, do I have bad breath?  It detects the compounds in your mouth that cause bad breath and can tell you whether or not your breath is offensive. It will also come with a Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush, a specialized tongue brush attachment and mouth wash as an all-in-one solution in case the answer to that question is, yes–or even if your breath is certified fresh, you can use the kit to keep it that way.

I imagine that this might make a big impact on the world of dating.

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