Do I Need to Buy the Warranty?

For the love of everything, please do yourself a favor… BUY THE WARRANTY!  Here’s a couple of fun stories for you…

You recall not too long ago how I got myself a brand new laptop because my previous laptop was continuously overheating?  Well, the reason I was able to get a brand new laptop for free, was because I had purchased the warranty on the broken laptop.  Where would I be right now without that warranty?  Probably upstairs on my desktop computer because I would not have a laptop to work on.  Since we could not afford to buy a new laptop at this time.

Here’s the most recent story though.  We had a TV.  We purchased the “Black Tie” protection from Best Buy when we bought the TV.  Since we purchased that TV we have had FOUR lamps go out on it, and then a completely unfix-able picture issue (the picture on the TV looked more like a painting then High Def!)  So finally after the millionth repair on the set, we got a brand new TV with AMAZING picture quality and how much did we have to pay for it?  NOTHING!  Where would we be without that warranty?  Sitting in our family room watching stuff on our HD TV clearly NOT in HD.

The moral of the stories?  When you are buying something that you figure you want to keep for a while, GET THE WARRANTY!  There is a reason it’s there.  Hardware breaks, things go bad, the manufacturer’s warranty isn’t always that great, and sometimes it’s just easier to use the warranty from the store.  Instead of having to contact the company, wait for them to send you a box, send it back to them, wait for it to come back…. etc… you can usually get a repair or even a new item in a very timely manner.  So really, I’m telling you… you want to buy the warranty.  Happy Shopping!

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Sarah Werle Kimmel is a digital parenting coach and family tech expert. She has spent the last 20 years of her career working as a Microsoft Certified IT Manager supporting over 100 small businesses. During that time she started Family Tech LLC to help families understand and manage the technology in their home. She has regularly appeared as a family tech expert on local NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX news affiliates, BYUtv and Studio 5, and has been invited all over the world from tech companies like Lenovo, Verizon, Microsoft, Dell, and Samsung. Find out more on her website


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  • I think buying the warranty is usually a good idea, especially on high dollar items. However, I think most brick & mortar stores charge too much for their warranty. I buy my warranties from Square Trade who handles the warranty work for Ebay. They are about half the price and can be added to any product, not just things you buy from Ebay. I had it on one of my computers and the unit started overheating. They paid for me to take it to a local vendor and paid the labor and the parts for a new hard drive.

  • I got a new hard drive on my laptop for free when mine went out, and they also fixed the left mouse button while it was there. I’m so glad my husband bought the extended warranty!

  • Just this week my laptop would not charge NOR turn on. I thought that the battery was showing signs of needing replaced…but then the AC brick and cord stopped working. When I went to see the Geeks, I discovered that I was still under warranty (cuz I bought it up front) AND both items were replaced for FREE!!! I was ready to plunk out $150 or so to replace ’em because I thought the warranty was up!!

    Woot, woot for warranties!!!

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