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I was recently asked to appear on KSL’s Studio 5 with Brooke Walker about how you can display your instagram photos!  Let me tell you, it was a super fun project to undertake.

First, I wanted to mention that you can always download all of your instagram photos by going to instaport.me.  This website will help you take your instagram photos and save them to your computer’s hard drive so you can basically do anything you want with them.  There are some companies out there doing awesome things with your instagram photos though!  Each of the following websites will tap right into your instagram account and allow you to select which pictures you want to use, so there is no need to download your pictures if you are going to use any of the following sites.

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Stickygram – You get a sheet of 9 magnets for $15.   They are small flexible magnets that look great on a fridge, or even arranged on a magnetic board and used as artwork in your house.

Casetagram – With several different cell phone models to choose from, you also have several different displays to choose from as well.  Feature one or two of your favorite pictures, or several pictures in a few different collage formats.  Love that you can carry your favorite instagram pictures with you!  Plus when you have a fun color phone (like the Sprint exclusive Purple Samsung Galaxy S4)  The color of the phone shows through in between the pictures, giving them a great frame, and allowing you to show off the fun color of the phone.

Blurb – This is about as close as I’ll ever come to actually doing a scrapbook.  Fortunately for me, it’s extremely easy.  You can drag and drop your pictures from instagram.  From there you can change the layout of each page if you want to add some text to explain the photo or just make the photo take up the entire page.  Blurb also allows you to make books from your Facebook pictures, and  your Blogger blog.  Unfortunately at this time it does not work for a self hosted wordpress.org blog.  You COULD import your posts into a free wordpress.com blog and print out a book from that if you wanted to take the extra steps.

ImageSnap – I have to say, this is probably my favorite of the items I got to check out.  Forever I have been wanting to do a tile backsplash in my kitchen.  These small tiles are the perfect size to intersperse among the regular tiles to give it a personal touch!  I can’t WAIT to re-do my kitchen now with a few of these tiles.  The larger tiles make a great personalized coaster, or you can mount them on your wall.  There really are so many possibilities with these tiles that I’m simply giddy over them!

2013-09-30 10.03.40


Stitchtagram – I must mention that my husband and I have been meaning to purchase some new throw pillows for our couch for quite a while.  So I LOVED creating this pillow.  It looks great on our couch!  You can select just a single picture to feature, 4 pictures, or a collage of them like I have done.  They have a ton of other fabric products as well, such as a bag, coin purse, zipper pouch and more!  The pillow has great quality, both in the fabric and in the printed picture!

HatchCraft – Don’t be fooled by the simple nature of this frame.  The handcrafted wood is sturdy and looks amazing.  The photo quality is also fantastic.  This would be fantastic to print out some great landscape shots and have them arranged in a nice collage on your wall.

There are other things you can do with your instagram pictures, such as create a large poster of your favorites, or just make a nice background for your desktop!  The thing to remember is these are your memories, and you should display them the best way that suits you!

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