Digital Effects for Your Halloween Costume

I happened upon MorphCostumes while googling ways to make Halloween costumes cooler. They have some pretty sweet costumes (much better quality than you’ll be getting from Walmart costumes…) for very reasonable prices. To me, the coolest are the ones that add special effects with little slots built in that allow you to slide your phone into a pocket, which will project an image like a moving eyeball, or beating heart.

For the littler kiddies, they still have Marvel characters, Monster High, Disney Princess, Ninja Turtles, Star Wars, Smurfs, stealth ninja…you name it. Click here to see them all.

For teens and adults the costumes get especially fun, although some of those faux/real suits should be avoided. Click here to see them all. Also note that you would kick trash in this year’s Ugly Christmas Sweater competition with one of these.

You’ll need a week for shipping, so get to it!

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