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I’d never really understood the point of a tablet.  When the iPad came out, I said, “well, it’s not going to replace my phone, and it’s not going to replace my laptop… so what’s the point of carrying around yet another device?”  After I received an E-Reader to review though, I was curious to try it out.  I liked the idea of an E-Reader, that can do so much more.  I received the Dell Streak 7 and immediately fell in love with it.  First it’s 7 inches which I think is the perfect size for a tablet.  The iPad is 10 inches and I think that’s just slightly too big for a tablet.  Where I see the usefulness of tablets is for the occasions when I don’t quite need my whole laptop, but it’s still like to be able to takes some notes and look things up.

The Dell Streak 7 is running the Android operating system, which I was also not too familiar with prior to receiving it.  My phone, as you know is a Palm Pre, which will also be changing very soon!  I thought that Android was the perfect OS for this device.  There are widgets that you can add that really make it easy to access the things you need quickly (such as my to do list, Twitter, Facebook, etc). The only issue we ran into with the device was at first we let the battery drain out completely. After we tried to charge it and turn it back on it just had a red light. The Dell Streak 7 was bricked, it would not turn on, and would not do anything. Just a blank screen. We were finally able to reset the device using a small hole near the SD card slot and a pin.

Don’t let me make you read all about it, check out my video review…

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  • Thank you for the demo, Sarah! It REALLY helps to see the tablet in action. I would add, the Droid system is VERY user friendly, since even I can figure it out.

  • Thank you so much for the info on reseting the Dell Streak 7. My husband bought me one for my birthday and just last night I was meeting with a friend when it died. I was not sure what happened and freaked out. I plugged it up to the charger when I got home and nothing. Your review was helpful because I was unaware of the reset function.

  • thank u for posting this now that the red light of death is off i can use my dell streak 7 thanks again