Deleting Facebook Friends

My personal Facebook page is just that.  A place where I post personal information about my friends, family and life in general.  My cell phone number is listed there, among several other personal items.  I only accept friend requests from people who I have actually met, and know personally.  Sometimes, however, it comes time to purge some of these friends.  Maybe they post too much, or play too many games, or maybe I really didn’t know them that well to begin with.  Whatever the reason it’s time to delete some friends.

My word of advice on this is DON’T FEEL BAD abut deleting a friend from Facebook.  I would bet that the person won’t even notice that they have been deleted.  Along with this line of thinking… don’t feel bad about rejecting friend requests either.  I know SO MANY people who will just accept requests from people they barely know, just because they don’t want them to feel bad.  Trust me, it’s not a popularity contest.  The amount of friends you have does not equal self worth.  It’s YOUR page, and YOUR information, protect it!

So my husband (who is actually cleaner/more organized than I am) came to me the other day and asked how in the world you are supposed to delete Facebook friends. I hopped onto my Facebook account and was truly baffled. It used to be so simple. You go to your list of friends and then you had the option next to each name to delete. Well, they’ve gone and made it difficult now!  Now you have to go to your friend’s profile page, scroll to the bottom and then click “remove from friends”.  So go ahead, and delete that person you spoke to once in high school, who plays every single Facebook game and updates their status 100 times a day!

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  • Actually, on your fb page, in the upper right corner click account. At the very top of the drop down menu it should say edit friends. Click that and all your friends with a little x to the right of them to delete them. Much easier than going to each of their pages!

    • Thank you, it’s not exactly that simple, after you go to edit friends you need to click on “ALL Connections” on the left, and THEN it’s that simple! THANKS Natalie!

  • Actually, if someone posts TOO much or plays too many games, I just “hide” them instead. That way I don’t have to delete them. THAT’S MEAN! LOL! Plus I look more popular with more friends…and that means self worth to me. He he.