Daylight Savings Time Meme Roundup!


For today’s editorial, let’s have a chat about daylight saving time. We all know there is seriously no need to keep it going. What is it really doing anymore anyway? It’s the time of year where I think moving to Arizona might be a good thing (they do not observe Daylight Saving Time). Here’s my problem with DST right now though. Almost all of our electronics adjust the clocks automatically, which leaves me EXTREMELY concerned that either none of them changed, or all of them changed.  I have an analog clock in my house specifically to be able to tell if my cell phone is actually telling me the right time or not, which leads me to my favorite DST related meme…


As parents though, all DST really does is just throw your kids completely off balance, leading to a pretty horrible week. Why don’t our children understand the clock, and the fact that they can now sleep longer! For my early riser (and I’m talking like 5 AM here.. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY), it’s especially hard, given that she’s now waking up around 4!


Not only will your kids be totally thrown off, my dog is going to be ON. MY. CASE at 4 PM (since she usually gets fed at 5 PM)


There is a bright spot to all of this though… the clock in my car is only correct 6 months out of every year… and it will finally be correct again!


It does always make me feel like I’m traveling. When I leave China at 12 noon, and arrive in San Francisco at 12 noon the same day… It’s like traveling through time, so enjoy that repeated hour… You may just run into your past self!


And finally I leave you with this cartoon from that speaks truth…


And enjoy your extra hour of sleep tonight… unless you are a parent in which case…



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