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What we wouldn’t do for a Facebook like, right? An Instagram heart? What is it about that validation that makes us feel SOOO good? Even my husband, who isn’t even really ON Facebook (his profile isn’t his name, and he doesn’t post, just follows news sites and what not) will post a comment on a news page and LOVES when he gets tons of likes. Is it our ever searching quest for popularity from when we were young? Either way, when you get those likes and hearts and shares, it just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. So, today, I’m going to help you create the photos that ALL of your friends will want to like.

  • CANDID is the way to go! Posed pictures just look so POSED. Taking several shots of whatever is going on can help it look not so staged. Like the time my son broke his arm. He was sitting on my husband’s lap while the nurse checked him in. I was able to capture the love in my husband’s face, and the concern in my son’s face as you could tell my husband was explaining what was happening to my son. I LOVE this picture, and it’s definitely share worthy!
  • Find the small things. What I mean by this is getting a picture of the one thing that makes the moment really special. ┬áIs it your kid’s messy hair in the morning? Your dog snuggling up to your husband? Whatever makes the moment a special one… the part that made you go… “I need to take a picture of this!” Focus your attention (and the camera) on that. Zoom in too! Make it take up the entire shot. Whatever it is, highlight what is special about that moment.
  • Make it a meme! One of my friends does this all the time, and they are SOOO great! Not only can you have some hilarious results, you definitely make a lasting impression that is sure to inspire people to click that like button! It just makes people go… I know EXACTLY what that’s like.
  • Do a caption contest! Got a cute meme worthy photo, that could literally mean a thousand different things. Instead of creating your own meme, let others do it for you. Share the photo with a “caption this” and you are sure to get a great response! Then you can pick the best one and turn it into a meme! Two for the price of one!
  • Give your kid the camera/phone. My last suggestion… sometimes when your kid is in control they take REALLY great photos. You have to weed your way through ALL of them, cause they will take a LOT, but their perspective can be SO much fun to see.

Have at it, and start creating some really share worthy photos! I’m dying to see what you come up with!

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