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CozyPhones, Comfortable Headphones for Kids

My kids listen to music when they go to sleep at night. Under most circumstances it’s fine, since they have a little speaker near their bed to listen to it. When we go on trips though, and they have to share a room, this proves a little complicated. They also like to listen to music as they do their chores around the house. They have both actually been through several pairs of headphones over the years.

When I saw an ad for these CozyPhones, I knew I wanted my kids to try them. They sent me one for free, but I was not paid or compensated in any way for this post, and Michael was excited to try it out! The headphones are inside a soft fleece headband with a cute animal or character embroidered on it. The ear piece of the headphones are loosely inside the headband so they can be adjusted to the individual child. My only real complaint is that they are TOO mobile. I wish there was a way to sort of lock them into place after you’ve got them in just the right spot.

The cords go through a hole in the back of the headphones, which keep them from getting in the way of your face. I would really love to see a Bluetooth model eventually, because cords are for chumps. If they need to be there though, this is definitely a great way to keep them out of the way.

The sound quality is great, and doesn’t suffer from having to go through the fleece. My daughter needed to go to an outdoor camp recently, and was having a lot of anxiety about it. I got special permission for her to bring up an old iPod and had her use these headphones. The teacher didn’t want the other students to know she was allowed to bring it, so it just looked like she was wearing a headband to bed, and she was able to listen to her music. The only issue was that the music was so loud that one of the chaperones had to come tell her to turn it down!

These headphones are definitely comfy enough to sleep with them on, which is rare with headphones. My only concern, when my son wanted to wear them to bed, was that he is kinda a mover when he sleeps. I was nervous that the cord might wrap around his neck, so after he fell asleep I would go in and take them off his head.

The CozyPhones are super cute, and have several fun characters to choose from. Both of my kids love to wear them when they are doing their chores now. I think I just got them motivated to do more chores! Woot!

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