Help Prevent Infant Deaths Using CoPilot Alert System

How did we become so busy that we have started to forget about our children who are strapped in a car seat, but here we are. Is it possible to help prevent infant deaths by using a device? I watched this video once, and it literally broke my heart. I swear, I’m not crying, you’re crying.

The video is honestly heartbreaking. Many of these deaths are completely accidental, and all of them are completely preventable.

American Home Safety Products (AHSP) announced a new product at CES this year. The Car Seat CoPilot Automatic Alert System. The device is an “automatic alert system designed to assist parents and caregivers with remembering their most important possession in the backseat – because life happens.” The device uses a radio frequency signal that triggers an alarm if the paired car’s key fob reaches 10 feet or farther away from the vehicle.

How CoPilot Can Help

Easy to install, the product simply clips onto the child’s car seat and looks like an additional buckle. It also comes with 2 fobs that can attach to both sets of keys to the car. It does not need a phone or any other type of connection to work properly.

When you activate the device(meaning your child has been strapped into the car seat and the buckle is connected) the fob will activate. Then it will send you an alarm if you step too far away from the vehicle. This will help to ensure that children are not left in the car, which will help prevent infant deaths.

This simple seat clip could help save the lives of kids left in sweltering cars. Extremely affordable at $45, this might be a no-brainer for families who want to protect their kids a little better. It would definitely be worth the peace of mind for me, ’cause you don’t think something like that will ever happen to you… until it does.

CoPilot Announced to Help Prevent Infant Deaths

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