ChicaLogic’s Chica PC-Fix Review

I know!  I’m finally getting around to my CES posts!  phew!  It’s been a super busy month for me, and I’m just now starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  The next couple weeks will be all about the cool things I found and saw at CES in Vegas.

First up is a company and product that is definitely near and dear to my heart.  I attended a series of panel discussions while at CES called the MommyTech Summit.  It was incredible!  I loved just about every minute of it, and was excited to be a part of it.  There was also a speaker, whose video I will post, that was seriously hilarious!  During MommyTech they had a panel of entrepreneurs.  Lori Fraijo Raygoza was on this panel and talked about how she wanted to empower women to be able to fix their computer’s themselves!  I could hear angels signing and bells ringing (ok not really), but seriously it was like when 2 soul mates meet!  Her mission and her goals were exactly in line with mine.  I couldn’t wait to introduce myself to her!

Her product ChicaPC-Fixis a PC cleaning utility.  I have been asked to review PC cleaning utilities in the past, but I never believed in them enough to actually endorse.  One of the utilities I was asked to review, when I ran it on my own computer it was telling me I should delete some items that I knew for a fact my computer needed!

You may be asking yourself what a PC cleaning utility actually does, or how it can improve your computer’s performance?  My question to you is, how productive are you when your house or desk is a mess?  Are you able get any work done when you are constantly stepping over toys, and does it stress you out when your house is full of clutter?  Now, how easy is it for you to find exactly what you need when you have to look through a pile of toys to find it?  Your computer is the same.  When you uninstall programs, or delete files, sometimes things get left behind.  Whether it’s registry keys, or actual files, they can create clutter in your computer.  When your computer has to search through the clutter to find the files it needs do you think it will take longer for your computer to find exactly what it needs?  Of course!

ChicaPC-fix is the best utility I have found, that will get rid of the clutter, but keep the stuff you actually need.  When I ran it on my computer it found over 2000 errors, and I keep my computer pretty clean!  It’s definitely a must have utility to keep your computer running in tip top shape.

Here’s the fantastic news!  I am GIVING away 25 license codes to ChicaPC-fix!  Simply leave a comment on this post to be entered.  Trust me, you want this!

You will be hearing much more about this company since after I introduced myself to Lori we decided since our missions so closely align that we should be working together to help empower women to utilize and fix technology!  So definitely keep your eye on it!

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